Backend Engineer

Envoy, San Francisco

The new standard for visitor registration


Envoy makes workplaces work better. With a focus on the details, we craft beautiful, modern software that elevates the workplace experience. Companies like Slack, Pinterest, Spotify, Nike, and American Express have worked with Envoy to welcome over 30 million visitors to more than 10,000 locations around the world. We are proudly backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Initialized Capital, and many others.

Our mission is to challenge the status quo of workplace technology. This idea started at the front desk, where we set a new standard for visitor sign-in. Now, we’re looking around the office—to the mailroom, meeting rooms and beyond—and asking how can we make this better, too? We envision a world where technology is woven through our workplaces, all of it working together to make our time there delightful.

If this world sounds exciting, we’d love for you to help us build it.

You will:

  • Collaborate with product engineers to build and support server-side logic and interfaces that power our products and features that “challenge the status quo of workplace technology”.  Example products include our iPad and web-based admin dashboard apps, mobile apps that make signing in and accepting deliveries easy, secure systems for office access and personalized experiences.  Example features might include emergency broadcast notifications, intelligent search, label & ID recognition.
  • Write backend services and APIs for new functionality and products using Ruby on Rails and Elixir Phoenix.  Examples include identity, billing, and notifications microservices.
  • Build for scale, availability, performance, and security across the stack.  We have global enterprise scale and need to sustain thousands of requests per second.
  • Extend the Envoy public API so developers everywhere can take advantage of our platform.
  • Drive quality into our product, be it through good standards, consistent styles and tech, in-depth & helpful code reviews, writing tests, fixing bugs, setting up multivariate experiments, wiring up exception handling & logging, ensuring the right things alert.
  • Facilitate decisions on styles, standards, frameworks, design approaches, build vs use.  We try and keep our code clean, readable, and consistent and maximize our time on Envoy problems.
  • Learn, teach, & share.  With your fellow teammates and the world (blogs, open source, etc).  It’s good for you, good for Envoy, and good for the world.

You are:

  • Emotionally mature & humble.  You care about being effective over being right.  Ideally you’ve made major changes & decisions in your life and learned from the results.
  • Communicative & empathetic.  You are happy when helping others succeed.
  • An open-minded learner.  You live to learn new things, like staying up to date on new technologies, tools, and techniques. You are inspired by what people inside and outside Envoy know and are eager to incorporate the world's knowledge into your work.
  • Someone with extremely high standards.  You’re practical and know perfect is the enemy of good, but you aspire for us to be great.
  • An owner.  You feel personally accountable and responsible and know seeing the problem is less than half of it.  You look for problems and inefficiencies and find elegant solutions to them before they become major issues.
  • Fast-paced.  You love the speed of and impact you have in startups.  Conversely you never, ever want to be a tiny cog in a gigantic machine.
  • An advocate for the end user. You think about how our customers will interact with the service and champion positive changes.
  • A systems thinker. You think about how your designs will affect other aspects of the service and how it will evolve in the future.
  • On top of risks.  As Envoy becomes commonplace around the world, the services we provide and data we store will be more and more valuable.  It is your job to make things highly available, performant, and secure as appropriate.

You have:

  • Background and experience in software development, for example a Computer Science degree (or comparable) and several years’ working experience in non-trivial software development. Envoy is hiring at all levels of experience, so 15+ year vets are welcome!  (We use Ruby and Elixir server side, so experience in those are nice but not blockers).
  • You’ve created and supported APIs (REST, JSON/HTTP, GraphQL) and have worked closely with app teams, if you didn’t build the apps yourself.
  • Understanding of both relational and non-relational database systems.
  • Knowledge of how the internet & networking works (i.e., DNS, HTTP, TLS, Certificates, etc) and the tools & services that enable people & devices to connect to our services (e.g., browsers, CDNs, proxies).
  • Experience with how systems work at scale (e.g. threads, virtualization, configuration management, load balancers, caching).
  • A passion for scale & performance and experience w/ distributed systems. You think people deserve access to their data in milliseconds and feel slow APIs are an insult.  You worry about what happens when we have 100x more customers, but are practical and experienced to know how to solve what you need to right now.

Bonus points:

  • You contribute to an open-source project or library of any sort.
  • You’ve excited about working in a startup environment.
  • Leadership experience.  You’ve driven a project or led a team to a good outcome a few times, and the team would reflect positively on it.
  • Experience with security exploits, techniques, and tools.  As Envoy becomes commonplace around the world, we become more and more of a target.
If this kind of work sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you! We're open to all backgrounds and levels of experience, and we believe that great people can always find a place. People do their best work when they can be themselves, so we value uniqueness. We never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.

Our HQ is in San Francisco and we’re open to remote candidates in the Pacific-Eastern time zones.  Collaboration and the ease of chatting face to face is important to us.

About Envoy

We’re on a mission to create the office of the future. Simplifying sign-in and decluttering deliveries is just the beginning. We’re building a world where Envoy automates mundane tasks throughout the workplace, so you can work on what matters. Today, over four thousand offices worldwide are moving toward this future with us. We believe that any company can have an office of the future, and our customers agree. From Fortune 500s and high-tech startups to schools, factories, and small businesses, Envoy works for every workplace.


Want to learn more about Envoy? Visit Envoy's website.