Diligence - Associate, Due Diligence Research and Editing

Exiger, Singapore


Duration: Full-Time

Job Location: Singapore

Exiger APAC is excited to welcome to our team highly motivated and inquisitive individuals. In APAC, we are based in Hong Kong and Singapore where we deliver top-notch due diligence research to our clients.
The associate works both independently and collaboratively on research and reports for our clients, by utilizing a wide range of research tools to gather risk and compliance intelligence on individuals and companies. The associate analyzes their research and develop it into a narrative report, which is used by clients to understand the general background of the subject, assess the subject’s legitimacy and reputation, and inform strategic decision-making.
In addition to research, the associate (editorial) is a crucial member of the Quality Assurance function. The associate reviews written reports and provide editorial feedback to researchers to ensure clarity of writing, consistency of style, and effectiveness of written communication to our clients. The associate also completes the editorial review function in collaboration with other editors and content reviewers. We work as a team to ensure that deadlines are met and quality standard is safeguarded for each report. The associate will not only apply their own editorial skills, but will also adopt the best practices in Exiger including the research and writing processes and client-preferred styles into the daily tasks.

Key Responsibilities

  • Extensive primary and secondary research using a variety of open-source and web-based tools
  • Identification of pertinent information and development of useful insights into the subject
  • Own cases from request to submission with review of cases by senior researchers
  • Write clear, concise and thorough reports for clients
  • Utilize best practices in research methodology to effectively complete reports for various different clients and of various different scopes
  • Commitment to integrity and thoroughness of research, writing and editing
  • Complete research, writing, and editing of cases of all levels of complexity
  • Assist with case administration and team organization
  • Edit reports to ensure a clear, concise, and thorough product for clients
  • Manage multiple cases with overlapping deadlines simultaneously
  • Commitment to teamwork and innovation in working toward high quality on short deadlines
  • Provide specific, concrete, and timely feedback on reports to ensure consistency in style and clarity of writing
  • Develop mastery of all report templates and styles for various industries, clients, and product types
  • Understand the research and content review processes
  • Work with research- and editing-specific tools
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge & Skills

  • Professional fluency/proficiency in English
  • Professional fluency/proficiency in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Proficiency in working with Microsoft Office software including Word
  • Superior teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Rigorous attention to detail
  • Superior comprehension, analytical abilities, and logical thinking
  • Ability to work in fast-paced and self-driven environment
  • Ability to manage and prioritize several projects and assignments simultaneously
  • Organizational and time management competency required
  • Basic knowledge of legal system and politics in China or other Asian jurisdictions such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia, in order to understand political exposure/connections
  • Interest and understanding of current events, international affairs, financial regulations, economics and/or finance
  • Professional fluency/proficiency in a second Asian language such as Hindi, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, or other Asian languages a plus
  • Experience with editing various types and styles of written work a plus

Professional Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s degree required, 0-2 years of relevant work experience
We at Exiger are committed to equal opportunities and diversity. To remain an equal opportunity employer, we intend that no qualified job applicant or employee shall receive less favorable treatment because of their gender, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, color, race, ethnic origin, religion or political belief, disability or age. There will be equal opportunities in the recruitment, training and development and promotion of employees.

About Exiger

Never before has the balance between business opportunity and regulatory risk been so tenuous. Exiger addresses this challenge head-on by developing sustainable compliance programs that meet today’s strict regulatory requirements while acknowledging that businesses cannot afford to play it safe. In a world where the fastest path to driving shareholder value is to expand into developing – often high-risk – economies, Exiger helps financial institutions, multinational corporations, and governmental agencies pursue their strategic goals with the confidence that regulatory change will not alter their course.Exiger was formed by a group of leading authorities on financial crimes compliance to solve some of the most complex problems confronting business today. The firm arms financial institutions and multinational corporations with the practical expertise and tools they need to prevent breaches in compliance, respond to risk intelligence, remediate gaps and monitor ongoing business activities.Initially launched to lead the court-appointed Monitorship of HSBC – the most comprehensive Monitoring assignment ever awarded by the Department of Justice – Exiger is entrusted with evaluating the effectiveness of internal compliance controls used by the $2.7 trillion banking institution across approximately 6,000 offices operating in nearly 70 countries around the world.In addition to its Monitorship work, Exiger guides a wide range of clients around the world through the process of managing the worst-case scenario compliance challenges and implementing the programs they need to prevent them in the future.


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