Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Factual, Los Angeles

Making Location Data Accessible

Factual is the location data company the world’s most valuable brands and technology companies trust to understand and intelligently grow their businesses. We help engineering teams, marketers and data analysts build the best digital products, deliver more impactful marketing and transform their businesses with the most accurate and comprehensive data on places and people worldwide.

About the team: 

Factual’s “Front Team”, our small band of full-stack developers, is looking to add a senior level contributor & mentor. The Front Team works out of Factual’s Century City headquarters.  We’re responsible for Factual’s customer-facing products and tools as well as several internal systems - your work will directly impact our clients and coworkers and be highly visible across the company. 

Beyond day-to-day execution, here’s what teamwork with us looks like:

  • Decisions: Help set high-level direction for our technology and processes. We expect senior teammates to be able to contribute to and guide discussions around technical vision, rollout strategy, tech debt payoffs, and more. Strive to find the right way to build the right things. 
  • Standards: It’s important to us to ship features quickly so we have time to innovate & iterate. Still, we want to do things the right way — team collaboration and stakeholder involvement, design planning and risk management, clean code. You’ll help us find a balance and stick to it!
  • Deployment & Monitoring: We’re constantly working to evolve our deployment stack with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, ElasticSearch, and more. We expect a new teammate to release early and often, prioritize testing and monitoring, and help push us to make things better!
  • Mentorship: We're a diverse, tight-knit team, ranging from just-out-of-college to long-time-veteran. We all have more to learn. Teach us what you know.

We're looking for someone who is primarily hands-on, with a CS/STEM degree or comparable skills and experience. You’ve worked on projects with interesting challenges that ranged throughout the stack, evolved over time, operated at scale, were proactively measured, and mattered to your users.

Crucial for your success on the Front Team:

  • A healthy appreciation of the fast-paced and evolving full-stack world
  • An ability to thrive on a lively growth-oriented team
  • A willingness to provide hands-on guidance
  • A driving desire to Get Things Done

Our tech stack primarily includes:

  • Rails and Node backends
  • Typescript + React frontends
    • MobX and Redux for state management
    • Our own exciting component library!
  • Postgres, Redis, and Solr
  • Docker & Kubernetes

We believe in using the right tools for the job - we have plenty of other technologies floating around on particular projects!


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About Factual

About us We at Factual believe that data should be accessible to every developer, entrepreneur, business, or organization – anyone who needs it to build a better app, provide a better search result, make smarter software – anyone who needs data to make a better decision or help others make better decisions. Today, Factual focuses on making location data accessible to the mobile world. Factual’s data about places across the globe reveals a deeper understanding of people based on their geographic behavior. For more information, visit http://www.factual.com.


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