Scientists, Engineers, Builders

Fathom Computing, Palo Alto, California

Computing for the future of machine intelligence

Duration: Full-Time

Fathom Computing is developing high-performance machine learning computers built to run both training and inference workflows for large-scale neural networks.  As ML computing is largely limited by data transfer, Fathom’s approach combines the power of CMOS electronics with advantages of optical data movement for performance far beyond what electronics-only computers are capable of.

Do you have strong technical skills? 
Do you not quite fit into the other categories for which we have open positions?
Do you have deep knowledge or experience in physics, optics, electronics, hardware, software and/or machine learning?
Do you want to contribute toward building hardware for the future of machine intelligence?
We closely review every submission accompanied by a cover letter and try to find you the right role or future role in our growing team!

Remote work possible for some. 

We highly encourage submission of a cover letter, just tell us why you're here :)

About Fathom Computing

We believe that coming advancements in artificial intelligence have the potential to change our world like nothing that has come before. Our mission is to build better hardware for AI development and use, and to ensure that the benefits of these increased capabilities serve to improve all lives.

Fathom Computing

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