Senior Python Engineer

Flashpoint, Remote


Company Description:

Trusted by governments and the Fortune 500, Flashpoint helps organizations protect their most critical assets from security risks like ransomware, fraud, and physical threats. Leading cyber threat intelligence (CTI), fraud, and security teams rely on Flashpoint's intelligence platform to rapidly mitigate risk and stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape. To learn more about Flashpoint and our award-winning customer success, visit https://www.flashpoint-intel.com/ or follow us on Twitter at @FlashpointIntel.

About the team:

Chat Services provides around-the-clock insights from conversations within threat actor channels and illicit online communities. These conversations provide insight into a broad spectrum of activity, threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and the distribution of propaganda. Accessing Chat Services through the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform provides additional insights for security teams to discover and respond to threats in a timely manner, thereby reducing risk to the organization.

What we look for:

Our best engineers are collaborative and selfless. They enjoy writing code but they prioritize mentoring and supporting others. They leave code cleaner than when they found it but don’t insist on particular patterns. They optimize for simplicity and readability. They are involved in the full lifecycle of software development: understanding the requirements, designing the solution, writing the code, testing the code, testing the integration, deploying it to production, and monitoring the deployment. They are fully engaged in the problem domain.

What you will do: 

  • Work with Product Management and other engineers to design, develop, test, release and iterate on new customer facing features and products.
  • Nurture, refactor, and expand our systems to handle new, varied data models, while maintaining sensible code abstractions and improving the efficiency of our operations
  • Work with analysts to identify important trends from the threat landscape
  • Drive down total time taken for processing (code optimization and refactoring), deployment (smoother CI/CD pipelines), and other SLAs (delivery to clients via our infrastructure)
  • Improve our tooling for monitoring the health and efficiency of our systems
  • Write empathetic documentation and run-books to enable your team to be force multipliers for each other
  • Help bring in new technologies and develop innovative approaches to the data challenges we face
  • Apply your honesty, strong sense of morals and ethics, and sense of responsibility towards making Flashpoint and those around you smarter, stronger, and kinder

What you will bring:

  • 5+ years experience leading development of production systems or other relevant experience
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Experience working with Python 3+ in a production environment
  • Proficiency in CI/CD, specifically with regards to packaging and deploying production applications
  • Enjoyment for working in a close-knit, highly communicative and collaborative team
  • A coding personality that excels at debugging and applying glue in engineering gaps

Technologies you will work with:

The core responsibility of an engineer on the Account Takeover Prevention team is to build and maintain well-running applications and APIs. This means you will work with:

  • Streaming pipelines using tools like Kafka, AWS MSK, and Google PubSub
  • Cloud providers like AWS and GCP
  • Containers technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Python web frameworks like Flask and Django
  • Business Intelligence platforms like Tableau, Looker, and Snowflake
  • Python testing frameworks like pytest
  • Search databases like Elasticsearch and Solr
  • Key/Value stores like Redis, Cassandra, and BigTable
  • Monitoring tools like ElasticAPM, Prometheus, and Grafana

Why Flashpoint is a Great Place to Work:

  • Diversity.  Flashpoint is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity. We recognize that diversity is key to achieving our vision. We believe that every person and their experiences contribute to building a work environment and products and services that will change the world.
  • Culture and Belonging.  Our company’s culture isn’t something you join, it’s something you build and shape, and each person's unique backgrounds and experiences contribute to who Flashpoint is and will become.  You will have ample opportunities to connect with coworkers through various communication channels and company-funded virtual events: book clubs, happy hours, committees, DIBE discussion group, Donut mixers, local team member meetups and much more. 
  • Perks. Flashpoint understands that personal wellness is one of the keys to a happy, healthy and productive work environment.  That’s why we also prioritize health and wellness perks like gym reimbursements, expensed lunches, cool cultural initiatives and inclusive employee events.
  • Career Growth. Flashpoint is invested in the growth of our team members and understands that frequent, two-way feedback is critical to that growth. We encourage regular one-on-ones with your manager, a regular schedule of performance reviews, learning and development opportunities, and guidance through formalized career paths; whether that be towards being a great manager, being a great individual contributor, or a lateral move to gain breadth of knowledge and experience. 
  • A Great Place to Work. Literally. According to the 99% of employees surveyed, Flashpoint earned designation as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company for 2021. 100% of employees agree that new hires are made to feel welcome and appreciated. If you are interested in learning more, please check out our Certified Profile.

About Flashpoint

OUR MISSION Deliver Business Risk Intelligence to empower business units and functions across organizations with a decision advantage over potential threats and adversaries. The company’s sophisticated technology and human-powered analysis enable enterprises and public sector organizations globally to bolster cybersecurity, confront fraud, detect insider threats, enhance physical security, assess M&A opportunities, and address vendor risk and supply chain integrity.


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