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Flatiron School is seeking a Section Lead to join our growing team.

What We Look for in Teachers:

The goal of any teacher or coach is to drive outcomes. We are looking for people who LOVE TEACHING. We make it a mission to seek out teachers who can infect, infuse and inspire with passion, wisdom, positivity, and humor. They show students how to love what they do, and how to better love who they are.

The Section Lead will:

  • Make No Little Plans
    • We’re building a program that can work for a large number of students. Our Section Leads must be able to effectively prioritize how to spend their time to maximize progress for their entire roster
    • Build for scale by developing systems and procedures to support students through Flatiron School’s Online Web Developer Program at scale
    • Execute on experimental efforts in curriculum and pedagogical style pursuing our collective unending quest to provide the best experience and most positive outcomes.
  • Radiate Positivity
    • Create a safe and collaborative environment where students understand that helping their peers betters their own experience.
    • Find what to love. Leverage passion as a force for motivation by sharing what you are passionate about with your students and working those topics into lesson plans as appropriate.
  • Be Scrappy
    • Our program is continually being changed. We want Section Leads who can be the drivers of that change. Section Leads should be able to overcome challenging situations and help with a wide variety of different student cases.
    • Embrace change and thrive in ambiguity by helping students and staff with real time efforts, like debugging a student’s project or assignment, and escalating issues that you need help with in a timely manner.
  • Pursue Mastery
    • Use feedback from students gathered via class surveys to greatly exceed the minimum bar.
    • As a Section Lead, you’re responsible for deciding if a student is ready to move on from the program. A Section Lead must be able to deliver difficult feedback effectively to students
    • Integrate feedback from team members on progress of students to determine tactical interventions.
    • Greatly exceed the minimum bar by guiding students to solutions without immediately providing the answer.
    • Alway be a beginner and push yourself to become a better educator by preparing and delivering lab reviews and lectures.
    • Use data on student progress to determine effective teaching moments and interventions
  • Work Together
    • Collaborate with teammates to address outstanding issues on upcoming curriculum content.
    • Provide feedback to team members by conducting overcommunicating on a daily basis.
    • Strive to ask questions and provide solutions rather than simply pointing out problems.
    • Embrace transparency by using suggestions to begin discussion.

Qualifications for Section Lead:

  1. Demonstrate intimate knowledge of a dynamically typed language such as Python, Ruby or JavaScript as used in a production environment.
  2. Passion for teaching
  3. An interest or desire to work with a remote-first team, with the ability to commute to campus on an occasional basis

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