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At Flatiron School, we're changing education. Since 2012, we've been teaching amazing people how to code and helping them find jobs. We give incredible people the tools to do what they love for a living, and match companies with hires who will do amazing work, take great pride in their craft and view their work as a chance to grow more.

Lead Instructors at Flatiron School must love teaching. We make it a mission to seek out teachers who can infect, infuse and inspire with passion, wisdom, positivity, and humor. They show students how to love what they do, and how to better love who they are.

As a Lead Instructor, you will work directly with students as they work through the material, and with fellow Instructors to develop and deliver course material, troubleshoot student issues, build community within our student body, and overall create productive, inspired, employable practitioners of a technical craft.

The Lead Instructor will:

Teach a course by working directly with students:

  • Develop and drive the instructional narrative of the course, by forming a deep understanding of the curriculum, identifying areas for instructional activities and interventions, developing those assets and lesson plans, and collaborating with Cohort Leads to put them into action.
  • Plan, write, and deliver one-to-many instructional experiences, like lectures, study groups, lab walk-throughs, and debugging sessions, in accordance with the progress and pace of the class.
  • Hold open office hours to help students in real-time, and move them forward when they’re stuck
  • Help students in real-time, through one-on-one e-mail, chat, and live video conversations, tending towards the most high-fidelity experiences
  • Develop, advise on, and occasionally lead student project sprints. Improve project experiences through feedback from students and staff; lead iterations of the project experience.
  • Build community within your student groups by identifying, creating, and implementing connective experiences, like Feelings Friday and Motivational Monday study groups, Slack discussions, and student pairing sessions.
  • Leverage passion as a force for motivation by sharing what you are passionate about with your students and working those topics into lesson plans as appropriate.

Collaborate thoughtfully and impactfully with colleagues:

  • Use feedback from students gathered via class surveys, team members, and students to continually improve.
  • Assist colleagues in developing and executing learning interventions that move students forward
  • Collaborate with the Curriculum and Teacher Training teams to deliver feedback from students and staff about what resources and improvements would drive the best student experiences, and implement changes or resources provided by those teams.
  • Be an exemplar of Flatiron School’s values in your work and your interactions: Make No Little Plans, Pursue Mastery, Work Together, Radiate Positivity, and Be Scrappy

Qualifications for Lead Instructor Fellow:

  • Professional experience as both a teacher and a data scientist
  • Strong Knowledge in Data Science, Data Analytics, R, Python, Etc
  • Strong Knowledge in Statistics, Mathematics and Machine Learning
  • Strong communication skills, and great judgement about what communications to use in a particular situation or on a particular medium
  • Service orientation: You’re delighted to help people succeed, whether that’s your colleagues at Flatiron School, or the students you’re teaching
  • The ability to work cross-functionally with a variety of colleagues, from curriculum writers to engineers and designers

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