Program Director, Online Data Science Bootcamp

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Program Director, Online Data Science Bootcamp 

The Program Director, Online Data Science Bootcamp is in charge of the academic and operational success of Flatiron School’s online data science program. This position requires strong managerial instincts, operational orientation, and deep interest in creating exceptional educational experiences and results for students.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about building an online education program from the ground up, overseeing instructional excellence, building a team of high performing instructors and people managers, and collaborating impactfully with operational departments across our company.

The Program Director, Online Data Science Bootcamp Categories of Work

Launch Flatiron’s online data science program; run and scale the program thereafter

  • Identify, staff for, and personally execute the components of an effective, transformative, and overall magical student experience
  • Identify, track, and iterate on KPIs that demonstrate the program’s effectiveness
  • Work with the admissions and marketing team to ensure our classes are full of the highest quality candidates
  • Work in tandem with the entire Online team to execute project management, instructional delivery, community-building, and student support
  • Build relationships with key internal stakeholders including Curriculum, Teacher Training, Product & Engineering, Community, Analytics, and other teams
  • Create and maintain the documentation for running a successful online campus
  • When relevant, work with our WeWork counterparts to understand and implement best practices, and identify and execute opportunities where the teams can benefit from one another’s work.

Hire, manage, and develop the team

  • Recruit, hire and onboard teams of people managers and instructors; identify, scope, and make the case for new kinds of roles.
  • Coordinate the needs of your team and communicate them to appropriate parties so that they can effectively operate
  • Take the lead on communicating across teams and functions to foster collaboration and information sharing
  • Oversee a team of junior and senior instructors and faculty managers

Oversee, evaluate, and iterate on the data science academic program such that it enhances the student experience; own the end-to-end Program experience, from enrollment to graduation

  • Synthesize student and instructor feedback and strategically adjust  program implementation as necessary
  • Take the lead on communicating across teams and functions to foster collaboration and information sharing
  • Work across teams responsible for student communications, community, academic success coaching, career coaching, and more, in addition to directly overseeing academic teams, to drive exceptional student experiences and deliver transformative educational results
  • Drive a culture and organization of operational excellence, and continually identify and execute on insights that will make us better.
  • Advocate across the organization for the Online Data Science team’s needs and highlight the team’s accomplishments, from staffing to functional resources to messaging and surfacing amazing student stories.

Background of the ideal Program Director, Online Data Science Bootcamp candidate

  • You have managed a team greater than 8
  • You have entrepreneurial instincts and can build by doing, then delegating
  • You take a data-driven approach to business decisions
  • You love education and are excited to change the way people learn  for the better
  • You believe in radical candor with your team and our students
  • You love having a set of goals and working towards them
  • You can operate a large team independently

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