Community Lead, Marketing & Hospitality

Flatiron School, Denver, Colorado

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About the Role

Community Leads are integral to the admissions process, student experience, and operational excellence of our Flatiron School campuses.

  • Alongside other Community Leads, you will support the Campus Director to enable our students to create their career.
  • In this role, your primary focus will be Marketing and Hospitality. You will be measured on your ability to generate and maintain a strong prospective student pipeline in line with weekly and monthly targets through events, local marketing initiatives, and partnerships, supported by the Campus Director and the Director of Partnerships & Experiential Marketing.

Key Responsibilities

Marketing and Hospitality:

  • Plan and operationalize events for prospective students that articulate Flatiron School’s value proposition and mission
  • Coordinate pre and post-event communications and logistics, including invitations, confirmations, and thank you emails
  • Source acquisition and brand focused partnership opportunities amongst existing local organizations, companies, and Meetups
  • Drive localized marketing efforts to generate on-the-ground excitement about our product offerings
  • Identify the needs of prospective students and recommend tailored solutions responsive to the market needs
  • Develop and implement lead generation and conversion strategies to maintain a strong prospective student pipeline in collaboration with the Campus Director
  • Connect with local organizations and attend networking events to promote Flatiron School’s programs and identify potential students
  • Train other campus staff to give effective tours and sales pitches for those occasions when you are unavailable to tour or run an event
  • Prepare daily and weekly overviews of prospective students for rest of Campus Team; share this information during Daily Stand Up and weekly Experiential Marketing calls
  • Recommend best practices to your Campus Director and the Director of Partnerships & Experiential Marketing for the benefit of the broader company related to prospective student experience, admissions, hospitality, operations, and events

Experience & Requirements

  • 2+ years experience in experiential marketing or sales, ideally in education or a direct to consumer industry
  • Fluent local language and understanding of local culture required
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organization skills with the ability to multitask projects through from start to finish
  • Ability to run evening events twice per week
  • Passion and understanding for entrepreneurial communities


Critical Competencies for Success


  • You do what you love!
  • Credibility is earned at Flatiron School through execution and getting things done.
  • You get into the details and deliver results under highest expectations on time and quality.
  • Be ready to get hands-on with all aspects of the daily needs. The buck stops with you.
  • Pragmatism and outcomes orientation are valued and lead to wins.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment. 


  • You have the flexibility to think outside the box.
  • You have the ability to foresee and identify needs of the team.
  • You take an innovator and creator’s approach to any issues that may arise. 


  • There is no room for “I” at Flatiron School. Every role and individual is in the organization to serve “We”.
  • Builds trust across the organization by being a good listener and inclusively soliciting input.
  • You are open to new and innovative solutions.
  • You must present well and communicate clearly and effectively to upper management and internal departments.
  • You’re willing to adjust course when appropriate new ideas or objections are raised.
  • You love working with people!

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