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The Flatiron School is seeking a Manager, Career Coaching to join our rapidly growing team!

At Flatiron School, we're changing education. For more than five years, we've been teaching amazing people how to code, and helping them find jobs. We give incredible people the tools to do what they love for a living, and match companies with hires who will do amazing work, take great pride in their craft, and view their work as a chance to grow more. We’ve successfully trained and placed students with backgrounds ranging from Harvard PhDs to low-income students with GEDs, into roles at companies ranging from small startups to organizations like Google, NASA and Goldman Sachs.

The Career Coaching team is responsible for ensuring our graduates have the support necessary to be successful in the job search process after graduation. Getting a job can be hard, so our Career Coaches support students every step of the way. Career Coaches counsel students one-on-one to set career goals and provide guidance in the process, and also educate students on important job search topics like networking and interviewing best practices. That’s how we support the school’s overall 98% job placement rate.

The Manager, Career Coaches will use his/her leadership, coaching expertise, and operational acumen to guide a team of Career Coaches to ensure a high quality student experience, and achieve outstanding student outcomes. He/she is passionate about education, and about building and leading a team to help students achieve their goals, and change their lives. He/she has experience in, and enjoys, ensuring operational processes are executed with fidelity, while not compromising the flexibility and individual empowerment required for a service-orientation. The team is growing and the Manager, Career Coaching will be excited about the inevitable challenge of scaling a high-performing team with a vibrant internal culture.

The Manager, Career Coaches will:

    • Lead the hiring process for Career Coaches, including interviewing, making offers to and onboarding prospective candidates.
    • Provide ongoing coaching, training, and feedback to our team of Career Coaches to continually improve the efficacy of our coaching support.
    • Foster a culture of feedback, where the team seeks out and embraces feedback from all sides, because they know it’s the only way to get better at anything.
    • Communicate and manage towards performance goals, including student placement rate, time to placement, student satisfaction, and adherence to Career Services process and procedures.


  • Troubleshoot and manage escalations, stepping in to coach your team through, or individually execute, unusual or challenging conversations or action items.


    • Analyze​ ​data​ ​and​ ​develop​ recommendations for departmental and organizational improvements; execute improvements independently and in partnership with the department lead, iterating as needed to achieve team goals.
    • Implement,​ ​oversee​ ​and​ ​monitor​ ​changes to the coaching process.
    • Manage data collection and documentation procedures, ensuring the integrity of our outcomes reporting, and properly communicating student progress with a variety of stakeholders.
    • Test​ ​and​ ​support​ ​new initiatives; strategically plan and refine programs to drive business results and support scale, including coaching quality control and student intervention.


  • Identify and execute strategies to make your team more effective, identifying patterns and opportunities across your team, and creating and executing solutions that help make Career Coaches more successful. Do we need training on student accountability strategies? Additional technical support for job-seeking students? Standardized roster organization tools? A different coach-student matching process? It’s your job to identify and execute on those opportunities.


  • Be responsible for the success of a team: the Manager, Career Coaching’s primary goal is to ensure his/her team of Career Coaches achieves their performance goals.

A successful Manager, Career Coaches has/is:

    • Inspiring and motivating, coaching your team to provide amazing experiences to students throughout the coaching process.
    • Dedicated to the craft of people management; you believe that one of the greatest impacts you can have is enabling talented individuals to do their best work.
    • Exceptional​ ​judgement​ in managing students, coaches, and cross-departmental conversations; know when to propose a new rule, when to bend an existing process, and how to manage a challenge towards the best outcome for Flatiron School and for our graduates.
    • Scrappy and resourceful, continually identifying new and novel ways to get stuff done with limited resources.
    • Athletic and flexible, and constantly asking yourself whether what we’re doing still makes sense in our fast-moving environment.
    • Strong collaborator who can establish trust by identifying and involving appropriate stakeholders for a given project, and gathering requirements / communicating progress and goals.
    • Team player who can work cross-departmentally to contextualize the coaching team’s needs within the needs of the wider organization, leveraging resources from and collaborating with other departments as necessary and appropriate.
    • Data-driven, continually gathering, monitoring, analyzing and acting upon signals for how your team is performing.
    • A role model for Flatiron values across the organization: Be Scrappy, Make No Little Plans, Work Together, Radiate Positivity, Pursue Mastery,



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