Part-Time Online Technical Coach - Data Science

Flatiron School, Remote

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At Flatiron School, we're changing education. Since 2012, we've been teaching amazing people how to code and helping them find jobs. We give incredible people the tools to do what they love for a living, and match companies with hires who will do amazing work, take great pride in their craft and view their work as a chance to grow more.

Online Technical Coaching Fellows work directly with Flatiron School students, acting as on-demand instructors while students are working through the curriculum. Technical Coaches interact with students primarily through Flatiron School's Q&A function, delivering one-on-one support through text-based chat and through video calls, helping students uncover the solutions to coding challenges by guiding them through a process of directed inquiries and incremental hints. Technical Coaches may also interact with students via platforms like Slack and e-mail.

In this role, your primary focus will be to guide students through debugging their work while they are working through our online curriculum, and help them to deepen their understanding of programming concepts. Successful Online Technical Coaches can infect, infuse, and inspire students and help them to build their confidence as they work through difficult programming challenges.

The Online Technical Coach will:

Work directly with students, as an on-demand instructor:

  • Ask questions of students, guiding them towards solutions, rather than providing solutions or instructions outright
  • Debug at a rapid pace by looking through students’ code, and communicating clearly through text chat and live video discussions
  • Interact and communicate with students in a way that deepens their understanding of key concepts
  • Embrace change and thrive in ambiguity by helping students and staff with real-time efforts, like being part of new experiments and initiatives, troubleshooting or escalating issues outside of just students’ code, and identifying areas where we could improve students’ experience and learning

Collaborate thoughtfully and impactfully with colleagues:

  • Exemplify the data scientists mindset by taking ownership of tasks and unknowns, doing and guiding students through research on unfamiliar topics
  • Use feedback from students and colleagues to change and improve
  • Collaborate with teammates to address outstanding student issues
  • Take ownership of problems
  • Be exemplars of Flatiron School’s values in their work and their interactions: Make No Little Plans, Pursue Mastery, Work Together, Radiate Positivity, and Be Scrappy

Online Technical Coaches are / have:

  • Strong Knowledge in Data Science, Data Analytics, R, Python, Etc
  • Strong Knowledge in Statistics, Mathematics and Machine Learning
  • Prior experience teaching in some capacity
  • Strong communication skills, and great judgement about what communications to use in a particular situation or on a particular medium
  • Service orientation: You’re delighted to help people succeed, whether that’s your colleagues at Flatiron School, or the students you’re heping.
  • The ability to work cross-functionally with a variety of colleagues, from curriculum writers to engineers and designers

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