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Online Faculty Manager


The Faculty Manager is in charge of the success of a group of instructors and the students they oversee. This individual in this position will use their leadership, operational acumen and management skills to guide a team of educators and ensure a high quality student experience. We are looking for someone who is passionate about education and about building and leading a team.

As an Online Faculty Manager, you will:

Manage, and develop our Online Faculty to ensure the highest quality instruction

  • Recruit, hire and onboard faculty members
  • Coordinate the needs of team of instructors and communicate them to appropriate parties so that they can effectively run instructional activities that drive student progress
  • Develop and iterate on role designs that meet the needs of our students, and are operationally sustainable within our budget and service model
  • Define and oversee monthly and quarterly goals for instructors to measure their efficacy and growth
  • Take the lead on communicating across teams and functions to foster collaboration and information sharing between campuses
  • Work with the curriculum and teacher training teams to ensure consistent delivery and availability of resources for instructors, and feedback from students to be incorporated into our programs
  • Maintain inter-departmental evaluation and training
  • Work with the Director of Program to gather and provide feedback to teachers, define and communicate strategic direction, and define and execute program objectives
  • Set and hold your team accountable to high standards of professionalism, and execution of their work through Flatiron School’s values, Be Scrappy, Pursue Mastery, Work Together, Make No Little Plans, and Radiate Positivity.

Oversee, evaluate, and iterate on a robust set of student supports that empower students to take best advantage of our programs, and that allow us to continually improve our service

  • Analyze feedback surveys to provide targeted feedback to staff
  • Ensure the consistent collection of student feedback like NPS, study group attendance and feedback, and conduct other administrative tasks like scheduling and student communications where necessary
  • Develop solutions for student concerns raised through the staff
  • Communicate effectively between students, teachers and staff

An Online Faculty Manager has:

  • built and managed a team greater than 5 reports
  • taken a data-driven approach to business decisions in prior roles
  • a love of education, a service orientation, and excitement to create great learning experiences for students
  • the ability to engage in radical candor with your team and our students, delivering insights and feedback in a way that drives impact
  • a strong goal orientation, and experience setting and working towards goals thoughtfully
  • the ability  operate a large team independently

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