Software Engineering Manager

Flatiron School, New York, NY

Learn. Love. Code.

The Flatiron School is seeking a Software Engineering Manager to help build and support our growing organization. You will play an important role in scaling our diverse and gifted engineering team while maintaining our culture and values.

What you will do:

1. You will focus on people and not code.

Management will be your full-time job. You will support our builders and enable them to be their best. Much of your time will be spent curating our culture as we grow by identify patterns and building processes to maintain the good and discard the bad. You will be an integral part of constructing the team you manage by recruiting amazing people. You will help plot the strategic direction of our team and its people structure.

2. Your reports will choose you, not the other way around.

We practice servant leadership and our team members select their own managers every six months. While managers influence salary adjustments, promotion decisions, you will never be the sole decider. Letting our engineers choose their own manager enforces servant leadership and keeps our managers accountable to their team. It is the ultimate form of feedback.

3. You will promote the team's learning and organize its training

Our people managers spend a significant amount of time helping, mentoring, and nudging our team to perform at their best. You will deliver feedback that is honest, kind, and in real time. You will conduct light-weight performance reviews every quarter to ensure that our people are headed in the right direction and satisfied with their growth. You will contribute to planning and executing our weekly lunch-and-learn sessions, our ongoing self-organized technical bookclub, and our code readings that go deep on technical topics relevant to the wider group. Or you will make the argument to cancel all of the above and do something better.

What type of person will succeed in this role?

You are technical and you want to take your dedication to the craft of people management to the next level. You are energized by a full day of one on ones. You believe that one of the greatest impacts you can have is enabling talented engineers to do their best work. You are a difference maker in helping people feel fulfilled, full of purpose, and challenged by their job. The engineering team will be quickly growing and you are passionate about the inevitable challenge of scaling an intimate team with a vibrant internal culture.

About Flatiron School

Flatiron School teaches passionate, creative people how to code. We’ve been teaching since 2012, and now we’re developing software and programs to bring our successful curriculum to more students. We are more than just a school — we are a team of individuals trying to align education with reality. Over our five years as a school, we’ve helped over one thousand students learn to code and launch careers in tech. To achieve these outcomes, we’ve never let ourselves stop growing – we’ve constantly iterated on our curriculum, evolved our teaching techniques, and crafted technology to improve our students’ learning experience.

For the next step in our growth, Flatiron School has joined the WeWork family. In WeWork, we’ve found a partner who shares the mission we’ve had since the beginning: to enable passionate people to learn the skills they need to pursue careers and lives they love. And that mission won’t change. We look forward to working together with WeWork in expanding our in-person and online programs and further increase accessibility to our transformative education.

We are an inclusive workplace which celebrates diversity. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Benefits at Flatiron School

  • World-class insurance (health, dental, vision, life, and disability)
  • Discounts on gym memberships, travel, hotels, cell phone plans, and more lifestyle perks
  • Generous retirement savings plans
  • Flatiron-specific company events, as well as events and retreats as part of the WeWork family
  • Participation in our equity incentive plan
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Unlimited sick days

About Flatiron School

Flatiron School is a coding bootcamp with online and in-person courses that teach students real developer skills. Start one of Flatiron School’s job-guaranteed courses for Web and iOS Development, Certificate Courses, or Free Courses, and join a community of students passionate about learning to love code.

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