Instructional Designer

General Assembly, Chicago, Illinois

The world evolves at the speed of tech. You and your business should, too.

We're on the hunt for a curious, creative and resourceful individual who can conceive and develop exciting and engaging materials for GA’s courses, workshops and online lessons. This is an individual with strong communication skills and a professional education background, who is able to balance sophisticated, business-savvy content creation with fun and interactive learning activities. 

Instructional designers play a key role in designing new learning experiences & improving existing materials for GA’s campuses, clients and online learners. In collaboration with product managers and subject matter experts (SMEs), they architect the structure of a course, write compelling learning objectives, manage SME contributions to the project, and conduct research online and within GA communities. They are responsible for producing written lessons, decks, code challenges, classroom activities, and learner materials, with support from in-house graphic and video teams. Our work is done in agile, iterative fashion, with a healthy mix of collaborative team ideation and focused, self-directed design time. 

You will have the opportunity to learn cutting edge skills from leading practitioners in the space, gain insight into a variety of fields and organizations, and change the lives of our learners. This is a role best suited to someone who thrives in a dynamic, project-based work environment where they are regularly tackling new topics and working with different teams. 


Discovery and analysis: 

  • Collaborate with product owners & researchers to understand our clients/students and their learning goals/needs.
  • Source insights into the GA classroom experience through regular observation and interaction with GA instructors, sales teams, delivery teams, clients and students, as well as feedback analysis.
  • Research and produce outlines/frameworks for developing content in emerging areas of need. 


  • Manage planning, production, and continuous improvement of curriculum materials for online and offline courses.
  • Effectively direct and utilize limited instructors/subject-matter expert time to validate and improve lessons and courses. 
  • Develop interactive exercises and activity prompts for use as part of online learning experiences.
  • Write highly engaging materials that reflect GA’s brand voice and mission.
  • Work iteratively with product owners to ensure that all materials are optimized for student and business outcomes.

Execution and maintenance:

  • Develop training protocols and on-boarding materials for instructors and course producers to acclimate them to new or changed course materials.
  • Maintain strong relationships with instructors, global program resources, designers, sales and admission team members, and product team.


  • 4-6 years experience creating educational content for adult learners.
  • You have experience managing instructional staff and subject matter experts to contribute expertise to course materials. 
  • You have demonstrable capabilities in research, writing, curriculum development, eLearning development, and/or content creation. 
  • You have a strong sense of visual design and can quickly and effectively design presentations in Google Slides, Keynote, PPT. 
  • You can articulate how learning in a business context differs from K-12 and university learning, and can effectively design courses to meet those needs. 
  • You understand what makes a learning experience interesting and engaging and bring fresh ideas to a course. 
  • You can unpack surface level requests and information to find out the real questions or problems underneath (in user and SME interviews). 
  • You are are well-versed in looking to qualitative and quantitative data to find opportunities for improvement. 
  • You’re comfortable in a fast-paced, early stage company work environment, where you will manage your own time and work with both local and remote team members.
  • You’re a natural storyteller and writer with a strong command of writing, spelling and grammar for materials written in English for an international audience. 
  • You have extreme attention to detail.
  • Skills in any of the topics (marketing, tech, UX, data) taught at GA is a plus.  
  • Teaching experience a plus. 

Please submit any relevant work samples with your cover letter and resume.


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