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Genscape is seeking qualified applicants for an opening as a Senior Analyst – Natural Gas. This position will be responsible for conducting and directing modelling and forecasting of North American natural gas market fundamentals, and communicating the results of their and the group’s analysis to clients, prospects, and other market participants. The preferred candidate will have extensive prior exposure to gas and associated commodity markets such as power, oil, and NGLs, with intimate familiarity of NYMEX and/or basis markets. Candidates should have demonstrated experience creating and/or operating supply demand, and storage models. Preference will be given to those with forecasting credentials.  The ideal candidate will also need to demonstrate comfort with and professionalism in presenting their findings to small and large audiences for the purpose of supporting product sales and establishing the firm’s view of the market.  Accordingly, the position requires travel at roughly 25% of time. This position can be located in Houston, TX, Boulder, CO, or Boston, MA.


This role will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating regional and macro market balances and forecasts to identify market opportunities and communicate those to clients.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Extensive exposure to North American natural gas markets. Preference will be given to candidates with prior exposure to commodities associated with gas markets such as power, oil, NGLs, and LNG. 
  • Intimate familiarity with fundamentals of NYMEX and basis markets.
  • Demonstrated experience creating and/or operating supply, demand, and storage models.
  • Experience with near- and long-term forecasting preferred.
  • Ability to and comfort with presenting in front of small and large groups in order to communicate company views on markets and methodologies.
  • Ability to support sales to prospects and existing clients.
  • ~25% travel


  • At least five years conducting market analysis and model development in the commodities sphere.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of NYMEX fundamentals and trends.
  • Familiarity with North American basis markets and influences on each.
  • Preference will be given to those with proficiency in SQL and advanced stats packages, such as Python or R.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communications skills

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