Senior Analyst, Congestion Studies

Genscape, Boston, MA

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We are seeking a talented and driven associate product manager with a strong interest in power markets, specifically how changes to the transmission/generation landscape will impact the performance of assets in the future. If you are interested in an opportunity to drive and develop a product and function in a subject matter expert capacity, then read more below…


A typical day in the life of a Sr. Analyst, Congestion Studies at Genscape will include the following:

  • Ensuring the quality of datasets for multiple regions across the US by maintaining and tracking changes to the United States power grid, including new power plant builds (including renewables), generation retirements, and transmission upgrades.
  • Assisting the Genscape’s power market analyst team building customized reports tailored to a customer’s unique position in the market.
  • Continuously learning about how power plant developers and private equity firms make decisions about their investments.
  • Assisting the sales team with communicating the value of Genscape consulting studies to and working with the sales team to build out project scopes to be delivered to customers.
  • Developing business use cases for prospective customers.
  • Developing marketing collateral
  • Providing customer (external and internal) support for existing and future projects.


This job might be for you if:

  • You have 1-3 years’ experience working for an energy consulting firm with an understanding of power market fundamentals.
  • You are knowledgeable about the wholesale power market and have used power flow simulation or long term planning models.
  • You consider yourself to be a quantitative individual with the ability to do thorough analysis on the go.
  • You enjoy interfacing with customers and are skilled at asking questions to identify their pain points
  • Big Data does not bother you and you have past experience organizing it, compiling it, and putting it into a polished product.
  • You are entrepreneurial and have a strong desire and the aptitude to help develop products
  • You are a unique problem solver with a ‘why not’ attitude.


To land this position:

  • The candidate should have extensive data mining knowledge. Statistics knowledge and experience with R or SAS or similar would be a plus.
  • S/He is also expected to have good communication skills to manage relationships with internal and external clients and resources.
  • The ideal candidate will having an understanding of power plant development and investment.
  • You will exhibit curiosity and creativity and you get excited by exploring data to find new ways to solve problems for people
  • The candidate is expected to be able to manage his/her work load to fit for the best needs of the company.
  • Working experience around power market fundamentals and running power market simulation models is a plus but not required.


Once you land this position, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • A fun, fast paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Competitive salary
  • An awesome office location with multiple perks!
  • A company that offers a strong focus on work life balance
  • Plenty of paid time off
  • 401k and a full benefits package that begins on your first day
  • The ability to develop, drive, and execute your own, client facing product

About Genscape

About Genscape With the world’s largest network of patented and proprietary monitoring technologies, Genscape delivers unique, real-time fundamental data to provide market insight and intelligence A Brief History: We Invented This Market Genscape was founded in 1999 by two power traders who grew frustrated with the lack of transparency into the market – and set about inventing new technologies to expand high quality data access to more market participants than ever before. Over the past decade, Genscape has invested heavily in research and development, and continues to be awarded numerous patents. Genscape continues to build an extensive network and a wide range of tools to better inform trading and operational strategies surrounding energy supply chains. Now operating the world’s largest private network of in-the-field monitors, Genscape has added satellite reconnaissance, artificial intelligence, and maritime freight tracking to its data acquisition capabilities. Today, Genscape delivers its unique brand of unsurpassed market intelligence across the commodity and energy spectrum: power, oil, natural gas, petrochemical and NGL, agriculture, biofuels, and maritime freight. In 2017, Jon Ecker was appointed as CEO of Genscape, building upon Genscape’s core brand value: to provide the highest quality fundamental data faster than any other organization, bar none.

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