Organism Engineering Padawan (1-year paid internship)

Ginkgo Bioworks, Boston, MA


Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer.  Ginkgo is constructing, editing, and redesigning the living world in order to answer the globe’s growing challenges in health, energy, food, materials, and more.  Our bioengineers make use of an in-house automated foundry for designing and building new organisms.  Today, our foundry is developing over 40 different organisms to make different products across multiple industries.

Our team of organism engineers (OEs) is the core of Ginkgo’s strain engineering platform. We believe biology is a unique engineering substrate that comes pre-loaded with startlingly brilliant code we didn't write. Enabled by our high-throughput foundry, we study and design the most efficient way to create a new organism using the most advanced molecular biology techniques. We also employ various omics technologies for understanding, troubleshooting, and de-bottlenecking our designed systems.

We are looking for highly talented and motivated recent graduates to join our development processes, including strain design, DNA/strain construction, evaluation of strain performance, and pathway optimization and troubleshooting. Above all, we’re looking for applicants with an enthusiasm for learning.


  • Assisting OEs at the bench with tasks such as: molecular cloning, genome engineering etc.
  • Communicating and interacting with other engineers to leverage our high-throughput pipeline and automated processes, etc.   
  • Leading certain projects assigned by OEs according to your experience.


  • BS or MS in biochemistry, metabolic engineering, molecular biology, or related field
  • At least one year of laboratory experience
  • Experience with high-throughput molecular cloning, assay development, or protein engineering preferred
  • Familiarity with DNA/RNA design software or programming for simple bioinformatic applications preferred
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We also feel it’s important to point out the obvious here – there’s a serious lack of diversity in our industry and it needs to change.  Our goal is to help drive that change.  We hope to continue to build a company whose culture promotes inclusion and embraces how rewarding it is to work with engineers from all walks of life.  Making biology easier to engineer is a tough nut to crack –  we can’t afford to leave any talent untapped.  

It is the policy of Ginkgo Bioworks to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants.

About Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is the organism company. We design custom microbes for customers across multiple markets. We build our foundries to scale the process of organism engineering using software and hardware automation. Organism engineers at Ginkgo learn from nature to develop new organisms that replace technology with biology.

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