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GoodRx helps Americans save on their prescriptions.

Prices vary wildly between pharmacies and there are many ways for Americans to save...if they know where to look. Even if you have insurance or Medicare.

We offer a website and a mobile app that gathers current prices, powerful savings tips and valuable discounts for every prescription drug at virtually every pharmacy in the US.

GoodRx is used by thousands of physicians and millions of Americans each month. We have saved Americans over $1 billion.

We also offer GoodRx for Benefits, a service that integrates pharmacy benefit data to give plan members prices and savings tips specific to their plan.

GoodRx for Benefits offers real-time prices in an easy-to-understand website and mobile app experience. Customers report increased mail order or preferred pharmacy usage, increased medication adherence, and unparalleled engagement rates. Learn more at www.goodrx.com/benefits.

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