Sr. Software Engineer - Backend - Terraform Developer Experience

HashiCorp, United States - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Remote)

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About HashiCorp

At HashiCorp, we build the infrastructure that enables innovation. Our suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products are the underpinnings of the largest enterprises in the world, who rely on our solutions to provision, secure, connect, and run their critical applications to deliver crucial services, communications tools, and entertainment platforms to the world. We’re building a once-in-a-generation infrastructure company with a unique approach: rather than focusing on specific technologies, we build products and solutions that support real-world workflows spanning the multiple cloud environments that nearly every organization worldwide is using today.


About the Terraform Developer Experience team

We design, develop and support tools that enable developers to build Terraform providers. A lot of our work is collaborating with teams that ship the official AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes providers. Our SDK powers a massive ecosystem of plugins, so we must take extra care to ensure we’re providing correct features and functionality while keeping a roadmap in mind for the next 1000 providers. We’re looking for collaborative engineers with an interest in improving the Terraform developer experience to come join our growing team. Note that this is not an operations team: we design, develop and fix software, we’re not on-call.

About the Role

You will help fix, design, prototype and implement SDK features and tooling while ensuring stability and usability. All of our work is open source, and as such, we collaborate with the open source community as well as several internal teams. Much of our work is on the SDKv2 and Terraform Plugin Framework, but we contribute to several other projects as well. 

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Develop, advocate for, and support new and existing features for the Terraform SDK and Terraform Plugin Framework.
  • Build tooling to enhance the developer experience
  • Contribute in our growing open source community 
  • Provide code review, mentorship, and support to HashiCorp employees, community members, and partners
  • Work on issues and improvements critical to the success of HashiCorp customers and the broader community
  • Work on engaging and expanding our community of Terraform provider developers, soliciting feedback from them, and sharing updates with them.
  • Partner with the Terraform core team to help guide the development of Terraform features and to advocate for provider developers.

You may be a good fit for our team if some of the following apply:

  • You have 5+ years of professional software engineering experience
  • You have experience with or interest in learning the Go programming language. You might instead have experience with Rust, C++, Java, C# or other statically typed languages.
  • You have experience or interest in learning Terraform and Terraform internals. Bonus points if you’ve written and/or maintain a Terraform plugin, we’d love to hear about it!
  • You have experience or are interested in working in an open source software development environment.
  • You have experience with or interest in learning infrastructure management concepts.

What is our hiring process like?

The below serves as a basic outline; we may choose to add or remove steps based on the information that we gather during the process.

  • Introductory Call with someone from our recruiting team.
  • First Interview with an Engineering Manager
  • Communication and Collaboration interview
  • Technical Assessment (Code Review) interview. We’ll supply a Github Pull Request that you’ll review, so you don’t have to write any code in front of us.
  • Systems Design Interview. This is conversational and you don’t have to write any code!
  • OSS & Community
  • If applicable, a final conversation with the Engineering Manager for the team you would be joining
  • Offer

HashiCorp embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our company will be.

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About HashiCorp

HashiCorp is a company based in San Francisco that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. Who We Are HashiCorp was founded by Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing datacenter management: application development, delivery, and maintenance. The datacenter of today is very different than the datacenter of yesterday, and we think the datacenter of tomorrow is just around the corner. We're writing software to take you all the way from yesterday to today, and then safely to tomorrow and beyond. Physical, virtual, containers. Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Windows, Linux, Mac. These are just some of the choices faced when architecting a datacenter of today. And the choice is not one or the other; instead, it is often a combination of many of these. HashiCorp builds tools to ease these decisions by presenting solutions that span the gaps. Our tools manage both physical machines and virtual machines, Windows, and Linux, SaaS and IaaS, etc. And we're committed to supporting next-generation technologies, as well. HashiCorp was founded and continues to be run by the primary authors of all our core technologies powering thousands of companies worldwide. We speak at conferences and write books related to application and infrastructure management. All our foundational technologies are open source and developed openly, and have been since 2010.


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