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Our Organization

At HashiCorp, we value top-notch collaboration and communication skills, both among internal teams and in how we interact with our users. We take care to balance and be responsive to the needs of our open source community as well as our enterprise level customers.

Engineering at HashiCorp is largely a remote team. While prior experience working remotely isn't required, we are looking for team members who perform well given a high level of independence and autonomy.

This Position

You will join the Nomad team as a software engineer to focus on reliability and test infrastructure. Nomad is a performant, distributed cluster orchestrator that supports heterogeneous workloads including containerized applications, VMs, batch processing, and machine learning frameworks. Jet.com, CircleCI, PagerDuty, SeatGeek, and many other large organizations run Nomad in production today. Our customers run Nomad on tens of thousands of nodes, and rely on our tools to operate their own infrastructure and software.

You will be embedded with the Nomad engineering team day-to-day and participate in our delivery and workflow. You will help improve the product experience for our users by ensuring we develop pragmatic and automated testing solutions as part of the development and release process. This role will have an impact on both the open source and enterprise experiences by integrating tight feedback loops and improving quality and consistency to the product that contributes to the overall success of Nomad.

As an embedded reliability engineer, you can expect to:

  • Work with the Nomad team to identify high value testing opportunities
  • Propose, build, and train the team on automated testing frameworks, replacing or building on top of current testing solutions
  • Have a voice in the roadmap and all prioritized work
  • Improve the feedback for both open source contributor and internal code contributions
  • Advocate and help build systems for performance testing Nomad
  • Help Software Engineers identify testing opportunities in our design and development process by advocating for a culture of quality
  • Help drive the right quality metrics and risk assessment for releases

You may be a good fit for our team if:

  • You enjoy thinking about reliability when running large scale distributed systems
  • You are passionate about writing software to improve the reliability of the product’s code base
  • You enjoy proactively identifying issues before they impact our customers.
  • You love seeing how you can automate scaling to save money and headaches
  • You have experience with one or more test automation frameworks
  • You have an understanding of performance testing
  • You are comfortable writing Go unit and integration tests
  • You are comfortable integrating automated testing into CI/CD pipelines
  • You are familiar with infrastructure management concepts, ecosystem, and tooling (prior experience with Vault, Consul or Nomad is a big plus!)

Please note we require a cover letter for your application to be considered complete. In your cover letter, describe why you're interested in working at HashiCorp with the Nomad team, and what draws you to this role in particular.

At HashiCorp, we are committed to hiring and cultivating a diverse team. If you are on the fence about whether to apply, please apply anyway!

About HashiCorp

HashiCorp is a company based in San Francisco that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. Who We Are HashiCorp was founded by Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing datacenter management: application development, delivery, and maintenance. The datacenter of today is very different than the datacenter of yesterday, and we think the datacenter of tomorrow is just around the corner. We're writing software to take you all the way from yesterday to today, and then safely to tomorrow and beyond. Physical, virtual, containers. Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Windows, Linux, Mac. These are just some of the choices faced when architecting a datacenter of today. And the choice is not one or the other; instead, it is often a combination of many of these. HashiCorp builds tools to ease these decisions by presenting solutions that span the gaps. Our tools manage both physical machines and virtual machines, Windows, and Linux, SaaS and IaaS, etc. And we're committed to supporting next-generation technologies, as well. HashiCorp was founded and continues to be run by the primary authors of all our core technologies powering thousands of companies worldwide. We speak at conferences and write books related to application and infrastructure management. All our foundational technologies are open source and developed openly, and have been since 2010.


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