Senior Software Engineer, Device Automation

HeadSpin, Palo Alto, CA

Build mobile experiences that delight the world

HeadSpin is the leader in accelerating the global mobile app movement by providing globally distributed mobile testing services on real devices. A key aspect of HeadSpin's offering is a global Appium deployment and a tight integration with Appium Desktop, Appium's interactive counterpart. One important way in which users interact with HeadSpin devices is by writing Appium tests and running them on our globally distributed devices. When writing Appium tests, they use the HeadSpin Appium Desktop integration for interactive assistance.

As a Senior Software Engineer focused on Device Automation, you will make strategic contributions to the Appium and Appium Desktop open source projects, as well as evolving HeadSpin's internal testing tools and Appium integration.

Key aspects of this position will involve:

  • A deep understanding of iOS and Android application and UI structure and building tooling to automate interactions with them.
  • Deep knowledge of Appium and Appium Desktop internals.
  • A working understanding of mobile frameworks like Espresso and XCTest.
  • Developing/evolving Electron applications and NodeJS servers using the latest ES6/7 language standard and cutting edge tooling.
  • Developing/evolving production-grade web services and agents written in Python and Tornado.
  • Ability to move up and down the stack: from interactive UI, through services, down into device internals.
  • Being a member of a highly motivated team pushing all the boundaries in the mobile testing space.

An ideal candidate will be experienced in the following:

  • Building web UIs.
  • Building and/or testing mobile UIs, preferably both Android and iOS.
  • Digging into device internals via USB.
  • Building and evolving production-grade back-end services.
  • Making open-source contributions in the GitHub ecosystem.
  • Making egoless contributions as part of a team focused on success.

About HeadSpin

HeadSpin is the first place to understand your mobile user experience clearly We started HeadSpin with one simple goal: Give developers the ability to experience their mobile app or website the way their users around the world do.


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