Operations Coordinator

Heal, Los Angeles, CA

Get a doctor house call on-demand and on your schedule

Heal is revolutionizing the $2.4 trillion healthcare industry by changing the way every day Americans see doctors, with doctor house calls. Heal has proven that doctor-house calls can radically improve medical outcomes and save the healthcare industry billions of dollars. The company promises to transform medicine from a factory-like, transactional system into a highly personalized and effective solution wherein doctors can practice what they are passionate about and patients can receive high-quality care in the comfort of their homes, offices or hotels.



  • Manage the Heal doctors during your on-call shift, being the point person for all doctors, visits, routing, dispatch, and tech troubleshooting.
  • Check in with doctors and medical assistants throughout the day to make sure they are moving efficiently through their routes, executing visits successfully, and not running into any problems in the field.
  • Help troubleshoot any issues that come in from MDs or MAs, triage the issue, and if needed direct to appropriate support team.
  • Every morning, review visits for that day and plot a route for each doctor based on patient needs and doctors specialities.
  • Work with patient support team to make calls to patients for any visit-related questions, concerns, or changes.
  • Manage process for inbound visit requests during the day, rebuilding routes for doctors as new visits come in and other visits are completed.
  • Manage process for adjusting visit times to meet patient specifications, working with customer support team.
  • Manage the next morning’s visit assignments at the end of each day.
  • Manage communications with doctors via phone, messaging app, and email.
  • Follow up on lab/imaging and referral orders each day for patients.
  • Ensure prescriptions are electronically prescribed into pharmacy and filled for patients.
  • Ensure doctor documentation is comprehensive and complete at the end of shift.



  • Minimum 1-3 years experience in Customer Service, Logistics, Dispatch, or Project Coordination
  • Tech-savvy. Enthusiastic about learning new tools, workflows, and processes. Ramps up on new software quickly; learns in hours, becomes an expert in a few days. This role uses a variety of online tools including complex desktop web applications. We use software like G Suite, Zendesk and RingCentral.
  • You are eager to learn new systems and processes. The more complex, the more exciting to you.
  • You know how to balance doing some tasks manually alongside doing some tasks with online tools.
  • Effective multi-tasker and not fazed by a fast-paced environment.
  • You can think on your feet and can factor multiple data points to arrive at the best decision. Able to exercise independent judgment.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask questions and are eager to expand your knowledge.
  • You like sharing knowledge with others and are eager to empower your teammates.
  • Excellent and accurate communication skills, including verbal, written and telephone manner.
  • You are self-assured and know how to put people at ease in stressful conditions.
  • You have a hands-on, proactive attitude and a flexible mindset.
  • Start-up experience ideal, especially in a consumer-driven or consumer-facing environment where you’ve been a touch-point for the customer.
  • You have a compassionate attitude towards people who need care.
  • You are ideally already well versed in the requirements of a HIPAA compliant company or eager to learn.
  • As Heal provides high quality care 365 days a week, you must be able to accommodate a flexible working schedule including mornings, nights, weekends, and occasional holidays.
  • All shifts will take place in the office. No remote or work from home options.



  • Understand and embrace Heal’s mission to deliver patient’s access to care.
  • Entrepreneurial, scrappy, do-before-you-delegate.
  • Resourceful problem solver and analytical thinker.
  • A process-driven builder who is thoughtful and able to create the playbook.
  • You want to be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Compassionate with grit and determination.

About Heal

About Our mission We want to be your family’s first choice for healthcare. 
When you’re sick or when you’re well, Heal was created to make it easy and affordable to see a great doctor on your schedule. Dr. Renee Dua Founder & Chief Medical Officer Founding story Heal's founding story Dr. Renee Dua had the idea for Heal after a scary experience with her then seven-month old son in late 2014. Dr. Dua and her husband Nick Desai took their son to the pediatrician because of a rash. The pediatrician told them to rush him to the emergency room right away. After waiting over eight hours, they finally saw a doctor who told them that their little boy would be just fine. The rash that they’d originally been so worried about had cleared up. It was midnight and they were all exhausted driving home, when Dr. Dua said “There’s got to be a better way. Why can’t a doctor come to my home and see my family where we’re most comfortable?” From there, Heal was born. Her husband Nick, a serial technology entrepreneur, got to work building the first version of the app. Together, they connected with angel investors who helped get Heal off the ground. The doctors on Heal saw their first patient in February 2015 on the west side of Los Angeles, not far from Dr. Dua and Nick’s home in the Pacific Palisades. They’re proud of the incredible team of doctors, investors, employees and partners that make up the Heal family. The team is working hard every day to bring Heal to millions more families all over the country.

Want to learn more about Heal? Visit Heal's website.