Senior Software Developer, DevOps

Hootsuite, Vancouver, BC, Ottawa, ON, Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB

We are more than a social media company

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for continuous delivery and developer tooling to join our Build, Test & Deploy team. The BTD team maintains our CI, CD and test frameworks/tooling. Our mission is to make it as quick and easy as possible for developers to validate and deliver changes to our customers. It’s a big domain, and we’re doing some exciting work re-envisioning the way that developers interact with secrets, feature flags, deployments and automated tests, using tools and practices like GitOps and Chaos Engineering.


  • Design and build software - tools, libraries, automation, services, and glue scripts
  • Responsible for the reliability, security, and integrity of our large, cloud-based Linux infrastructure
  • Participate in a flexible on-call rotation
  • Lead by owning project milestones, epics or features
  • Practice continuous improvement, contributing to culture, process, and direction in your team and across our department
  • Develop processes and automation to eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Design and build our infrastructure platform
  • Identify and implement new platform features
  • Research and evaluate new technologies
  • Refactor, rewrite or retire existing platform features
  • Operate our developer experience and production application environments
  • Diagnose and repair our distributed systems 
  • Perform maintenance, upgrades, and migrations 
  • Control or eliminate repetitive tasks, alert noise, and business-as-usual work 
  • Enable development teams
  • Provide executable interfaces to our infrastructure platform 
  • Provide tools and best practices to support the entire software development lifecycle 
  • Collaborate with others across the organization to solve problems and build better processes, systems, and software 
  • Communicate by mentoring, writing documentation, participating in meetings, and sharing your work at demos



  • A degree in Computer Science or Engineering, and extensive experience in an SRE, SDET or software engineering role and a track record of substantial contributions to software projects with high business impact 
  • Experience with mentoring, coaching, and pairing with coworkers
  • Experience writing clean code that performs well at scale and an understanding of SaaS software development practice; Ideally you have experience working on a SaaS product 
  • Experience using infrastructure-as-code tools to build and run cloud infrastructure 
  • Experience with operating, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure including troubleshooting system-level issues, networking (L3-L7) and basic monitoring is preferred 
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: works with others to deliver results, meaningfully contributing to the team and prioritizing group needs over individual needs
  • Creativity and Innovation: seek new and better ways of doing things, generating original and imaginative ideas, products, and/or solutions 
  • Problem Solving: uses an organized and logical approach to find solutions to complex problems and looks beyond the obvious to understand the root cause of problems and proposes several possible solutions.
  • Resilience, Tolerance for Change/Ambiguity: can effectively cope with change, finding ways to advance work and projects 



  • Tenacious. You are determined to succeed, and you are motivated by the success of customers, colleagues and the community. 
  • Curious. You are always learning and seeking ways to make things better. 
  • Conscientious. You keep your promises, taking your commitments to others seriously, and you have strong integrity.
  • Humble. You lead with humility and empathy, respecting and learning from the perspectives of others.

In all we do, our six guiding principles light the way:

Step Up: Show the world what it looks like to live and work by these guiding principles. #StepUp

One Team: Make Hootsuite a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, valued, and empowered to do their best  work without compromising who they are. #OneTeam #FreeToBeMe

Customer Obsessed: Focus relentlessly on helping our customers succeed. #CustomerObsessed

Go Fast, Be Agile: Widen our competitive advantage by committing to speed and simplicity over perfection and complexity. #GoFastBeAgile

Play to Win: Commit to building an incredible, profitable company for our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders. #PlayToWin #NoExcuses

Neighbours & Allies: Give back to our communities and be an ally. #SocialForGood #Allies


Accommodations will be provided as requested by candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.


About Hootsuite

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