Senior Software Developer in Android 高级软件开发工程师 - Android移动应用

Hotstar, Beijing

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Duration: Full-Time

We're looking for a senior software developer in Android who has rich experience and a good understanding of the Android platform, and excited to design and implement features for our Android application. As a software developer, you’ll be responsible for implementing various features and improving the stability of our application. If you’re excited about working on some really cool functionalities which can be used by people around the world, this is likely the team for you.

Here are a few of the things that you’ll do:

Architect, design, and implement new features for our Android applications.
Write entirely new code and maintain and update the existing code.
Work across UI, service layers, and backend services to create server-driven native client solutions.
Shine with engineering excellence by developing test infrastructures, writing documentation, ensuring high performance, and following an agile development methodology.
Identify problems and drive improvements to the existing code and infrastructure.
Share technical practices, build development teams, and improve workflow.


  • A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals.
  • 5 Years of experience in software developing and 3 years of experience in developing Android applications, with a preference for experience with shipping Android applications or broad cross-disciplinary development experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of data-driven application architecture and MVVM. A good sense of what goes into making a successful consumer product.
  • The ability to jump into a project and contribute immediately to both architecture and implementation.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills and a strong teamwork ethic.
  • Ability to drive product functionality development or technical improvements independently.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills in both Chinese and English.
  • Experience with the following technologies and applications is a plus but not required: RxJava 2 or Dagger 2.

Reasons to be Excited

  • We're a small unique team that has strong experience building and innovating in video at places like Hotstar, Hulu, Google, Amazon and Facebook.
  • We have an unusually dedicated team whose passion and focus is in media and technology.
  • The team works on a variety of platforms, services and devices tackling interesting engineering, product and design challenges.
  • We're located nearby Tsinghua Science Park, the heart of China’s Silicon Valley with all of its great food, just a few minutes walk to Wudaokou or Zhongguancun Subway Station and easy access to the North 4th Ring Road, G6 and G7.


  • 开发 Hotstar Android 系平台客户端,开发全新功能并维护现有代码
  • 深入理解业务需求,完成 UI、逻辑、数据层的设计和实现,完成相关测试和文档
  • 使用敏捷方法,完成高质量的工作
  • 发现问题,推动改进已有代码和基础框架
  • 分享技术实践,建设开发团队,改进工作流程


  • 扎实的计算机科学基础
  • 5年或以上软件开发工作经验,3年或以上 Android 开发经验,有应用发布经验者优先,有广泛的跨领域编程经验者优先
  • 能够快速上手现有代码库
  • 深入理解数据驱动的软件架构及 MVVM
  • 优秀的沟通协作技能,注重团队合作
  • 能够独立推动产品的功能实现或技术改进优秀的中英文书面和口语交流能力


  • Android TV 应用开发
  • 播放器优化技术
  • 全栈开发
  • 图像处理技术
  • 计算机视觉或计算机图形学
  • RxJava 2
  • Dagger 2
  • 教育:计算机科学或电子工程专业学士、硕士、博士优先
To learn more about our team, check out the following blogs : https://tech.hotstar.com/  

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