Software Developer -Search 软件开发工程师-搜索引擎

Hotstar, Beijing

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Duration: Full-Time

As an engineer in the Search Engine team, you will be responsible for Hotstar video search engine & services, with multi-scenarios and multi-languages, which enhances international users' search experiences.In this role, you will be building a distributed, self-developed search engine cluster as well as multi-functional search services for Hotstar that will support over 10 million search requests per day. You will work on Java Spring developing environment and AWS cloud deployment, technologies such as: Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, Kafka, Redis, Hive, Database, RPC and CDN to build a scalable and high availability search cluster as well as a time-efficient popularity based multi-profile ranking algorithm


  • Build distributed search clusters in multi-scenarios and multi-language that can handle more than 10 million international search requests.
  • Build search core api as well as multi-functional services: related search/ query correction/ scenario based partition. 
  • Optimize ranking algorithm based on NLP and ML.
  • Build monitoring and alerts to track cluster status and service performance.


  • Keep Learning: A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals
  • Bias for Action: The ability to jump into a project and contribute immediately to both architecture and implementation
  • Collaboration: Great communication and collaboration skills and a strong teamwork ethic
  • Written and spoken communication skills in both Chinese and English
  • Experience with the following technologies and applications is a plus but not required:ElasticSearch, Lucene, NLP, ML


  • 搜索引擎相关(后端工程师、NLP 算法工程师等)软件开发工程师
  • 熟悉 Java 等编程语言和 Spring 等框架平台,有兴趣进行下一代搜索引擎相关的编程实现。


  •  在多场景和多语言中构建分布式集群,处理高并发搜索请求
  • 构建搜索核心 API 以及多功能服务:相关搜索/查询修正/基于场景的分区
  • 遵从设计模式,代码审查,自动化测试等工程最佳实践
  • 监视和警报跟踪集群状态和服务性能,基于 NLP 和 ML 的优化排序算法


  • 熟悉 Java 编程,深入理解 Web 服务和存储系统
  • 有 ElasticSearch 或 Lucene 的入门经验,在 NLP 或 ML 的相关经验更佳
  • 独立自主,热爱技术,乐于接受挑战,善于沟通
To learn more about our team, check out the following blogs :https://tech.hotstar.com/ 

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