Senior Software Developer in Payments and Subscriptions高级支付/订阅软件开发工程师

Hotstar, Beijing

Watch TV Shows, Movies, Live Cricket Matches & News Online

Duration: Full-Time

* Build robust, secure and scalable micro-services to power DisneyPlus Hotstar applications
* Responsible for implementing RESTful services with a metric-driven API Gateway
* Build scalable, reliable and performant code that complies with our internal code guidelines
* Driving architecture and design discussions and will be responsible to run and maintain good infrastructure
* Relentlessly refactor existing systems to make them more robust, maintainable and scalable
* Introduce the team to the value of new practices, processes and frameworks through experimentation
* Help attract, recruit and develop the very best software engineers


  • 5+ years of development experience; at least 2 years on backend, and service-oriented architecture.
  • Familiar with Java and Spring, concrete knowledge about Design Pattern, Data Structure and Algorithm.
  • In-depth expertise in design, optimizing, maintaining, and testing large online system. AWS experience is a plus.
  • Rich experience and interests in the sub/pay business and understanding customer needs.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.


  • 构建强大,安全和可扩展的微服务,为Hotstar应用程序提供动力
  • 负责使用度量驱动的API网关来实现RESTful服务
  • 构建符合我们内部代码准则的可扩展,可靠和高性能的代码
  • 推动架构和设计的讨论,并负责运行和维护良好的基础架构
  • 不懈地重构现有系统,使其更加强大,可维护和可扩展
  • 通过实验为团队引入新实践,新流程和新框架的价值
  • 帮助吸引,招募和培养最优秀的软件工程师


  • 5年以上的顶级软件开发经验; 至少2年的后端以及面向服务的架构经验。
  • 熟悉Java和Spring,扎实的设计模式,数据结构和算法的具体知识。
  • 在大型在线系统的设计,优化,维护和测试方面有深厚的专业知识;具有AWS经验者优先。
  • 在订阅/支付业务方面具有丰富的经验和兴趣,并了解客户需求。
  • 具有良好的口头和书面沟通技能。

About Hotstar

About us Hotstar is one of the fastest growing video-on-demand services in the world. Our sophisticated video streaming technology and attention to detail on user experience across multiple devices makes us the top video destination for TV Shows, Movies, and LIVE Sports. With 85,000 hours of content in 8 languages, 100 Million downloads in a year, and a rapidly exploding watch time, our mission is to revolutionize Internet entertainment and become the largest personalized television service in the world.

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