Principal Software Developer in Security Engineer 资深软件开发工程师 - 安全系统研发

Hotstar, Beijing

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Duration: Full-Time

As an engineer in the security engineering team, you will be responsible for helping secure applications that run the Disney+Hotstar business, streaming product, live broadcast and social gaming, especially the cloud-based infrastructure where Disney+Hotstar services are built to handle scale nothing like any other OTT service. We need passionate hacker who derives purpose in life by revealing potential weaknesses and then crafting creative solutions to eliminate those weaknesses.


  • Design and develop Multi-CDN security system
  • Build and optimize risk engine
  • Design and develop client security, data security, network security products


  • Master degree or above. 5+ years industry experienceGood at English
  • Proficient in at least one language in Go/Python/Java
  • Proficient in network protocol and Linux development
  • Good knowledge in computer science, including basic algorithms and data structures
  • Familiar with MySQL, Redis, Kafka, RPC, CDN
  • Familiar with the principle of CDN technology or working experience in CDN is a plus
  • Knowledge in HLS/Dash protocols or experience in CDN QoS optimization is a plus
  • Knowledge in security attacks, data security, network security, threat intelligence and cryptography is a plus


  • BA/MS in Computer Science, related technical field or equivalent practical experience


  • 作为安全工程团队的工程师,您将负责帮助保护运行迪士尼+ Hotstar流媒体产品和业务,尤其是大规模的基于云的基础架构。 我们需要热情的黑客,他们需要通过揭示潜在的弱点,然后制定创造性的解决方案来消除这些弱点。我们正在为公司打造一套全新的安全系统,切实保障直播和点播的内容安全,并可以智能地监测和响应安全风险。如果你喜欢挑战,欢迎加入我们。


  • 主导设计和开发内容分发网络的安全系统
  • 主导设计和开发风险响应系统
  • 主导设计和开发客户端安全、数据安全、网络安全等产品
  • 参与并引导团队完善开发流程、良好的文档和编码习惯、技术选型等


  • 本科及以上学历,5年以上开发经验
  • 能够使用英语进行书面和口语的工作交流
  • 熟练掌握Linux环境下的Go/Python/Java等至少一种语言
  • 熟悉常用的数据结构及算法
  • 熟悉MySQL、Redis、Kafka、RPC、CDN等技术
  • 熟练掌握TCP/HTTP/DNS协议原理
  • 加分项:
  • 了解CDN原理和产品使用
  • 熟练掌握HLS,DASH等基于HTTP协议的动态自适应流协议
  • 熟悉安全攻防、数据安全、网络安全、威胁情报、密码学等任意一项


  • 计算机科学或电子工程专业学士、硕士优先

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About us Hotstar is one of the fastest growing video-on-demand services in the world. Our sophisticated video streaming technology and attention to detail on user experience across multiple devices makes us the top video destination for TV Shows, Movies, and LIVE Sports. With 85,000 hours of content in 8 languages, 100 Million downloads in a year, and a rapidly exploding watch time, our mission is to revolutionize Internet entertainment and become the largest personalized television service in the world.

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