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Interested in working at Hudl? Awesome. Here’s what you need to know.

Our goal is to change the way coaches, athletes and analysts prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with video, stats or a combination of the two, we want our tools to help every step of the way. Our products are used buy the world’s elite sports teams, as well as grass roots amateur teams.


One of our squads, that works on backend systems and developer tools, is currently working on a major project to redesign our development tools and environments to increase productivity. The projects mission is to enable the product development teams to move faster. It is a company priority ranked at #6. We want you to work with them and improve how we create and test our product software through  the new platform. In this squad testing is responsibility of every member. While you’ll contribute directly to that effort, your role will also involve solving broader quality and risk issues.

Example projects:

  • Current: Moving the stack from .NET Framework on Windows to .NET Core on Linux + Docker hence improving testability of our product during development and enabling development teams to move faster. This platform needs to be able to handle 10K requests per second at peak.
  • Current: Improved local development experience using Docker.
  • Current: Moving the test environment from AWS Classic to a VPC to better align with our production environment.
  • Past: Changing our video processing system to make heavier use of AWS EC2 Spot instances safely hence increasing utiliastion efficiency which reduced operational costs. At peak this system processes 35+ hours of HD video per minute.
  • Past: Regionalising our video processing system such that users video are processed and hosted in a AWS region geographically close to them.
  • Past: Increase deploy success rate and reducing deploy times in our CI/CD pipeline. Our product team deploys 700+ times a week across all environments.  

Ideally, you'll be an accomplished technologist, with a background in quality assurance or testing. This role suits someone that has a passion for infrastructure and systems architecture, maybe has some AWS qualifications, been involved in some devops projects, been a system admin or potentially dabbled with coding on the side. An ideal candidate would be familiar with microservice architecture and in the past worked with a system of a similar scale.

You Are

  • Experienced with infrastructure based tech. You've been involved in migrations and have worked on a heavy load platform with microservices based architecture.
  • Broad quality based experience. Developers in this squad test their own code, so we want you to have a more strategic view on risks and quality.
  • Naturally curious and never stop learning. You’re hungry for more knowledge and ideas, and able to show us how that improves the way you work. You think about what might happen in the most extreme cases, constantly digging deeper to learn more.
  • Empathetic.  You think critically about the user experience and understand there is more than one way to do things. You are able to relate to users in an unfamiliar domain.

You Will

  • Work. In an autonomous squad, that is full stack in capability and attitude following Scrum.
  • Think like a user. Everyone at Hudl is expected to interact with our users directly. The user of some of your project will be other Hudlies and some will be user of the Hudl product.
  • Be an integral part of the team. Everyone on the product team is responsible for quality, but you’ll show them the way.
  • Evaluate and understand risk. You can deeply understand the architecture of complicated systems, use that understanding to assess risk, and tailor test coverage based on that. .
  • Move fast. We like fast. It’s the best way to get insights from users and make smart decisions as quickly as possible. You’ll create and execute test plans, write automated test scripts, update documentation, talk with users, look at data to analyze trends for stable solutions, and deploy code.

We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. It’s all about a healthy work-life balance. We’ll trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. (Hello, unlimited vacation policy!)
  • Give you what you need. We’ll supply the environment and tools for success, allowing you to focus on professional growth and career development.  
  • Challenge you. You'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the company's success, allowing for constant collaboration.
  • Reward you. A strong perks package and office benefits.

About Hudl

About Us Who We Are Hudl is a leading software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz in 2006, Hudl now offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go. With more than 164,000 active teams and over 4 million unique users, Hudl has become the preferred game film solution for all teams, from the smallest youth organizations to professional franchises in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

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