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Hypebeast, New York

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HYPEBEAST was launched in 2005 as an one-stop news source for internet savvy fashion enthusiasts and continues to inform and inspire trendsetters around the world. The growth of HYPEBEAST has seen its focus transcend from its initial roots to encompass all forms of fashion, arts, design and culture. This makes HYPEBEAST a premier network and destination for cultural enthusiasts, tastemakers and influencers alike.

The role of the Production Finance Coordinator will be to help track and collect invoices consistently, efficiently and accurately. The production finance coordinator will manage production invoices for the Creative Team in the HYPEBEAST New York City office. Working closely with the Creative Producers, your main output is the smooth and efficient execution of all vendor/partner payments to ensure that vendors/partners are appropriately and accurately paid out. The production finance coordinator is equipped with knowledge of billing procedures and has great attention to detail. Their analytical abilities along with communication and follow-up skills are keys to success.

Duties will include, but are not limited to

  • Collaborating with finance and production to maintain accounts receivable
  • Compiling and processing information such as rates, prices, discounts, regulations, industry standards, expenses etc.
  • Finding opportunities for discounts with trusted vendors/partners
  • Analyzing budgets to assess where improvements can be made
  • Ensuring vendors invoices are collected on time, properly formatted and accurately reflecting rates/costs for services offered
  • Maintaining an organized system for invoicing, billing, follow-ups and tracking
  • Issuing necessary invoice requests and maintain communication with vendors to ensure completion and satisfaction
  • Resolving disagreements between finance and vendors
  • Keeping accurate records (vendor information, received payments etc.)
  • Assisting in payments for production purposes including but not limited to locations, sets, vendors, partners, shipments and any other production related costs for production team
  • Upholding the reputation and standards of the HYPEBEAST brand
  • Managing expenses for production team - ensuring all production expenses are properly updated for each project
  • Tracking project timelines to ensure all productions are wrapped in a timely manner and properly closed out

The ideal candidate is

  • Informed - Understanding of relevant laws and best practices
  • Well Organized - Punctual and methodical, with a stellar memory, and with airtight organizational skills
  • You will be expected to be on top of projects and learn vendors so you can track invoicing
  • Flexible - Willing to find solutions that are best for HYPEBEAST as well as the vendor
  • Autonomous - The ability to take direction, but needs a little management and oversight to get the job done.
  • Goal-Focused - The drive to complete tasks smoothly and efficiently
  • Proven experience as production finance coordinator or similar position
  • Proficient in data entry
  • Comfortable with mathematics and financial data
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Confidentiality and trustworthiness
  • Excellent ability to organize and coordinate tasks
  • BSc/BA in accounting or relevant field
Your performance will be determined by the ease of the vendor payments and the overall efficiency of the expenses/costs associated with each project. Requirements include 1-2 years’ experience in accounting/billing departments. Salary is determined by experience.

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