Sensor and Instrumentation Engineer

Hyperloop One, Los Angeles



The Electromagnetic Systems division is responsible for the design and development of the Hyperloop Propulsion Motor, Levitation and Guidance Systems. These systems are electromechanical in nature and are designed by a highly cross-functional team of exceptional engineers in the areas of Electromagnetics, Mechanical Design, Heat Transfer, Materials Science, Testing, Controls, Embedded Systems, and Electrical System Modeling. We are seeking candidates with broad skillsets and various levels of experience to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals and work on one of the most challenging transportation applications on Earth, from right here at our Los Angeles facility. 


  • Assist in development of fault tolerant safety critical motion sensor architecture, selection and integration with FBW system of passenger rated vehicle (small gap non-contact displacement, IMU, LIDAR and other rangefinding). These sensors will comprise the full set of required sensors for flight
  • Wiring loom and sensor requirements generation (EMC/EMI requirements, mechanical requirements, electrical insulation requirements, data protocol specifications)
  • Managing interfaces with embedded systems team, safety and systems team, flight controls algorithm team, mechanical design team and power electronics team
  • Modeling (linear and non-linear) sensors for simulation/iron bird
  • Hands on testing and debugging of complex mechatronics test systems in a fast-paced environment with shifting requirements


  • The candidate must have engineering experience in mechatronics system design and integration. They must be able to develop elegant solutions to complex problems and thrive in a fast-paced environment. In addition, the candidate must possess the following characteristics:  
  • Team oriented: you are comfortable and energized by working in a team with a wide variety of backgrounds and skillsets. You welcome constructive feedback and different perspectives. You desire to truly understand the goals and needs of your teammates. 
  • Dynamic and creative: you thrive in a fast-paced environment where several interdependent technologies are being developed simultaneously. You welcome the challenge of generating ideas and performing analysis based on inputs and requirements that are subject to change.  
  • Ability to make decisions, and effectively lead tasks and meet challenging deadlines with general requirements and wide responsibility 
  • Experience developing a product from concept to production  
  • Excellent problem-solving skills 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Ability to understand and interpret a variety of abstract and concrete variables and provide solutions to difficult problems 


  • Hands-on experience in mechatronic design including: sensor, power electronics and actuator selection/design and integration
  • Deep knowledge in mechatronic system modelling and simulation with an emphasis on stochastic sensor modelling
  • Experience in designing fault tolerant systems (FDIR)
  • Derivation from first principles of control and estimation specifications (BW, SNR, latency)
  • Practical debugging experience on complex mechatronics systems
  • Experience in electromagnetic compatibility and EMI shielding/mitigation techniques
  • Understanding of optimal state estimation techniques and 6-DOF motion modelling
  • Experience in autonomous vehicle controls development on a production system
  • Expert in Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow
  • Experience with configuration management tools (GIT or similar)
  • Validating computational models through experimental data analysis and system identification
  • Digital signal processing and sensor fusion

Completion of at least one commercial vehicle program (passenger rated or non-passenger) or motion control product (in robotics, automation/fabrication, machine tools) with significant ownership in one or more of the following categories: mechatronic system design, sensor design, integration and calibration.


Completion of at least two commercial vehicle programs (autonomous drones or autonomous human transportation) or motion control products (in robotics, automation/fabrication, machine tools) with a role in one of the following categories: system dynamics modeling, motion control algorithm design and implementation, sensor integration and calibration, integration of motor and power electronics.




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