Senior Software Engineer - Backend

HyperScience, London, England

Work smarter, not harder.

Duration: Full-Time

Company Description
Hyperscience is a technology company blazing a new path in enterprise automation with a reimagined approach to building and powering processes. The Hyperscience Platform is the world's first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation platform used by top public companies and government organizations around the world to build and run mission-critical processes with ease and speed.

Hyperscience helps enterprises quickly build and roll out new business processes with built-in automations, reduce manual errors, increase high- and low-skilled employee productivity, and eliminate the need for costly transformation. Hyperscience’s Intelligent Document Processing solution has been implemented at some of the world's leading financial services, insurance, healthcare and government organizations, including TD Ameritrade, QBE Insurance Group Limited and Voya Financial, helping them lower costs, reduce error rates by 67% and increase employee capacity by 10x.

Since its founding in 2014, Hyperscience has grown to more than 250 employees with offices in New York City, Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, UK, and has consistently been recognized as one of the best places to work, with a collaborative and innovative culture and best-in-class benefits.

Job Description

Our Backend Engineers work in cross-functional squads on a variety of technical challenges. We solve challenges including distributed compute grids, workflow engines, systems integrations, SDKs, and web applications that let our customers harness Machine Learning to drive their business processes.

As a Senior Backend Engineer you will:

- collaborate with Product and other engineers to define, design, and build platform and web applications
- contribute across the entire software development lifecycle, including requirements definition, design, development, testing, deployment, and operations..
- be a technical leader in your squad, helping to drive technical decisions, prioritizations, and tradeoffs
- mentor / guide other engineers and help improve technical and other practices within the squad

You will do so in an environment where squads own their own domains and drive their roadmaps bottom-up.

We believe in bottom-up autonomy with top-down alignment. We look for people who want to contribute their ideas to help us continue to get better technically and in other ways. We also look for people who have a strong sense of team and want to collaborate effectively and support each other.

This is an exciting time for Hyperscience’s product, business and people!

You will have the opportunity to influence and deliver on a bold vision for transforming the way organizations model and execute their business processes, and there will be many opportunities for growth along the way.

Key responsibilities:

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Product Managers, Designers, and other engineers, including Machine Learning, Front-End/Full Stack, DevOps, and QA
  • Leverage your knowledge to design, build, and deliver scalable and resilient software
  • Drive technical decisions, prioritizations, and tradeoffs within the squad
  • Creatively solve functional challenges with the Product team even when the initial answer is not fully defined
  • Creatively solve technical challenges in the face of competing tradeoffs
  • Design easy-to-use interfaces that will be leveraged by other developers, including APIs for 3rd-party developers
  • Ensure product quality and code quality by writing automated tests and performing thorough code reviews and design reviews

Qualifications & experience required:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience solving backend software engineering challenges
  • Experience in building enterprise-grade systems and scalable distributed systems
  • Proven technical leadership abilities
  • Proven mentorship and ownership abilities
  • Strong ability to reason about engineering approaches to a problem
  • Strong software architecture and design experience
  • Comfortable learning and implementing new technologies
  • Experience with database systems, including SQL and/or NoSQL solutions
  • Track record of shipping high-quality code
  • Experience in an Agile and DevOps environment

What You Will Achieve:

  • Within your first 30 days:
  • You will get acquainted and eventually be fully comfortable navigating the full codebase, the technology stack, the development processes and org structure within the company.
  • You will learn the product and will make your first significant, user-impacting contributions to one of our products.
  • You will get to know our ML domain, codebase, and practical applications.

  • Within your first quarter and beyond:
  • You will be an integral part of the team and a driven, focused self-starter who can navigate a certain amount of ambiguity, and who is not afraid to take a sizable chunk of functionality, analyze it, break it down, implement it and then assume ownership and responsibility over it.
  • You will be taking an active role in discussions about possible solutions, different approaches, API designs and more.

Benefits & Perks:
- Top notch healthcare for you and your family
- 30 days of paid leave annually to help nurture work-life symbiosis
- Stock options
- Paid gym membership
- 6 month parental leave (or double salary to pay for your partner's unpaid leave)
- Free travel for any person accompanying a breastfeeding mother and her baby on a business trip
- A dependent care and education stipend
- Budget to attend conferences, train, and further your education
- Relocation assistance

We are an equal opportunity employer. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

About HyperScience

Our Mission is to automate low-, medium-, and high-skill office work in order to help our customers do their jobs better, faster, and cheaper. Our Approach is to build products that are drop-in replacements for existing manual business processes. There are no lengthy integration periods and no steep learning curves. Customers do not need to change anything about how they operate, or understand anything about artificial intelligence in order to benefit from our suite of work automation products.


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