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Duration: Full-Time

Have you met with Insider? If your answer is “No” this paragraph is for you: We are a fast-growing, fast-paced Technology Startup backed by Sequoia Capital which previously invested in brands such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram & Airbnb. We are trusted by more than the world’s 1100+ leading brands such as Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Uniqlo, Nestle, Nissan, Samsung, Lenovo, Puma, Media Markt, IKEA, Allianz, Santander, Dominos, Avon, and CNN. We have also been listed amongst the 2017 Red Herring Europe Top 100 & were selected as the # 1 Start-Up for 4 consecutive years. Our CEO Hande Cilingir was listed as one of the top 5 Women CEOs located outside of the US, by Crunchbase. We help our partners to grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, drive growth across the funnel. We provide them an experience beyond their imagination, uplift their customer interaction from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue with our cutting edge ML & AI technologies. We answer all their needs with our Growth Management Platform and stand by them at every step of the way. We move fast and agile, create beautiful cutting-edge products, and create an impact with our 600+  teammates in 25+ offices. 

We are looking for a Design Ops Lead who wants to come up with the best ideas and solutions at every stage of the product development lifecycle!
What is our mission?
We are the champions of product thinking. We are the problem solvers. We are user advocates. We understand the business value behind every product decision. We are visionaries who see the bigger picture. We follow the human-centric approach to integrate the needs of people to create delightful experiences. Our actions create an impact for hundreds of millions of users every day.
What are we offering?
We are never I, always "We"
As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. We believe in the power of “We”. By thinking and brainstorming together, we combine our unique perspectives to design innovative products. 
Our Learning Never Stops
Being a designer is about nonstop learning. Design, technology, and people change. We have to adjust and learn these changes and adapt. For us, every day is a new learning experience. Design is an iterative process so every experiment on design is a learning process. We are solution-oriented. We focus on overcoming the roadblocks by finding unique solutions.
We Design to Delight
We design for our users but we go the extra mile to delight them. 
What are we searching for?
We Are User Advocates
Every UX designer is a user advocate. We attempt to see the product through the eyes of the user of that product. We design for the users. Empathy is the key element within the team. 
We Love The Details
We are obsessed with details. Focusing not only on “what is right“ but “what isn’t right”  takes a design from “nearly there” to “there” and beyond. Our designs include every interaction of the user journey when they interact with our product.
We Are Foodies
Food is one of our tools to create great designs. Food inspires us. It brings out creativity. We also believe in the famous quote: “Good work should be rewarded by good food”. 
We Are Proactive
As a team, we proactively identify and look for ways to add value to our product. When we see a challenge, we also see a solution to offer and bring balance to the effort.

As a Design Ops Lead in Insider day in and day out you;

  • will work with Design Head and other leads to in sets standards and refines processes for the entire design team.
  • will do project support: the DesignOps role embeds into each specific project workflow to drive and improve the creative process in partnership with design leadership.
  • will focus on; design process, team coordination, design tools
  • will identify the critical gaps and weaknesses of an existing process and work with head of design to document it
  • will build a process that would optimize designers’ day-to-day workflow—maximize engagement and reduce duplicated efforts.
  • will define clear metrics of success and ensure designers align with them. Metrics are selected according to the business’s goals.
  • will enforce good meeting etiquette. Reduce the total number of meetings by trimming all unnecessary meetings, and make those that remain more productive (i.e., introduce a mandatory requirement for clear agendas before meetings and action items after the meeting).
  • will establish a clear scheme of design delivery. Decide who needs to see the work, and when.
  • will help head of design in Recruitment, budgeting, coordinating with Human Resource team
  • will make sure every team is following same process and structure
  • will coordinate with PMs, Leads, other designers
  • will determine what tools design teams need to work efficiently. They standardize the tooling and systems used, as well as introduce new tools and make sure designers adopt them.
  • will work with other leads to promote learning culture
  • will work with Design head to figure out what skills are missing in a design team and how to gain them.
  • will be responsible for onboarding new team members.
  • will be protecting designer resources from turnover by creating an environment in which people want to stay for longer periods of time.
  • will be responsible for holding the designer accountable.
  • will create a culture where team members share the knowledge generously with others.
  • will be socializing the design process to other teams. They amplify the value of design and build awareness by introducing design to different parts of the organization.
  • will be establishing strong cross-functional partnerships. The DesignOps team breaks down team and discipline silos and fosters strong relationships across teams.

We want you to join us while we are taking a step into the future if you:

  • have proven record of establish a highly efficient design process that generates high-quality design outputs.
  • DesignOps create benefits for all people who are involved in the design process, not necessarily just the designers.
  • have excellent communication skills and attention to details
  • are upto date with general UX trends, best practices, design principles and tools / techniques
  • have exposure to agile working environments and methodologies
  • have ability to communicate / demonstrate the value and rationale of UX decisions to stakeholders
  • have ability to quickly grasp processes and use-cases in a complex business domain
  • have exposure to a complete cycle - from ideation to post go-live of a SaaS product will be a plus
We provide equal opportunity in a zero-discrimination workplace and not just welcome but also embrace everyone without regard to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship, or marital status.

About Insider

Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, GMP empowers marketers to deliver personalized journeys across web, mobile web, mobile apps, and ad channels. Built on a unified data layer, GMP is easy to implement and simple to use, avoiding the need for complex integrations and dependency on IT teams. Insider simplifies the life of digital marketers and helps them drive growth for their brands, with zero marketing waste. Insider is a technology company with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow, Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Istanbul, Kiev, Sydney, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei. Insider was listed as one of the 100 Hottest Startups by WIRED Magazine and won Red Herring Top 100 Europe in 2017. Crunchbase has recently ranked Insider’s co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top three women CEOs outside of the US. Helping world’s leading brands grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, Insider is trusted by over 300 businesses across various industries including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Tokopedia, Virgin, New Balance, Nissan, Huawei, Samsung, Orange, Puma, Ticketmaster, Newsweek, Air Arabia, Media Markt, AVIS, Allianz, BBVA, Domino’s, McDonald’s, Avon and CNN.


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