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About us Insikt sprung from our realization that brands, not banks, will be the lenders of tomorrow. Traditional banks have little interest in making small personal loans, haven't kept up with the fast-paced world of technology, and are unequipped to harness the power of data in the evolving world of finance. Insikt's unique, data driven technology, combined with other notable strides in fintech, is reinventing the world of lending to bring credit and opportunity to the masses. As social media and other technologies create new relationships with consumers, tomorrow’s lenders will be media giants, retailers, and everyday brands, offering their customers a path into the financial mainstream. We believe that our remarkable platform, which handles scoring, servicing, technology and capital, is the future of lending. “Lending as a Service," as we describe this process, puts the power to provide fairly priced, credit-building personal loans directly in the hands of brands seeking to deepen their bonds with customers.

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