Fullstack Developer

Issuu, Copenhagen

Connecting content to people.

At Issuu, we empower content creators through cutting edge tools, technology and services. We exist to help creators of longform, highly visual content build audiences and businesses.

We're looking for a Fullstack Developer to join our ride.

We are the right company for you, if you

  • want to work on a product that matters to a lot of people – We receive hundreds of visits per second and host over 50M+ documents,
  • consider yourself one of the best at what you do and you're looking for equally talented colleagues,
  • are self-driven and would never just want to take the next ticket,
  • are curious and never stopped learning and exploring new languages, technologies and solutions,
  • seek a culture where all voices matter when it comes to shaping the future of the product,
  • want to work with colleagues who have ‘here to help’ attitude, and absolutely want to help you succeed.

We believe you can help us succeed by

  • delivering results that create value for the end users, while we ensure a high-performance,  high-availability, robust product that scale with our traffic (10.000++ requests/second) and data-heavy platforms (100++ terabytes),
  • working across disciplines, and take a holistic, end-2-end approach to software development,
  • being at the forefront of development practices, Agile, Continuous Delivery, Software as Service, Cloud-based, Docker, React,
  • working equally well creating back-end and front-end solutions that can run in production at the scale of our traffic,
  • solving problems from just about every area of computer science, including search, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, big data and so on.

We are looking for someone who has

  • a Master’s degree in CS or equivalent,
  • experience with Functional Programming (e.g. OCaml, Erlang),
  • has worked on 2+ large scale commercial projects taken from inception to production,
  • experience with dynamically typed systems (e.g. Javascript, Erlang; Python is a must),
  • experience with C/C++ or other low-level languages with manual memory management,
  • experience with scalable microservice architecture,
  • the ability to work on any system, from code running in the browser to big data analytics dealing with terabytes of data,
  • excellent communications skills in English,
  • the opportunity to obtain a valid EU work permit.

  • Can you say yes to most of these qualifications? If you want to build truly scalable systems and work on something that matters, it’s time to apply!

Other things you should know are

  • we're currently working on Issuu’s Story Cloud both on web and mobile apps, machine learning for better understanding of our content, internal analytics and our famous reading experience to mention a few examples,
  • we currently use Python, OCaml, Javascript, Erlang and a bit of C++, and we’re extremely open to using new languages and/or technologies,
  • our architecture is microservice-oriented using AMQP,
  • we deploy multiple times a day on AWS and use Docker Swarm, MySQL, Redis, Node, etc.,
  • we strive to be agile (who doesn’t?), but we're not religious about Scrum, Kanban or any other methodology.
Would You Like to Join?
We're looking for the right person to join our team in Copenhagen and if it's you, don't hesitate to apply! In addition to the Engineering team, you find members of the Customer Success, Product, UX & Design, BI/Analytics and Management teams here.

We provide delicious catered lunches, regular outings and nice parties, but we also build arcade machines, design escape rooms, host video and craft beer evenings and have one of the slickest table tennis setups going around.

As an additional benefit, you can spend 20% of your time to improve what you think matters the most!

Dig deeper.
Most of our content creators are on a mission to change their world in some way. They are passionate and driven and we consider ourselves the same. Check some of them out:
The avantgarde Italian kids fashion magazine: https://issuu.com/kidswearmagazine
The Danish outdoor garage start-up magazine: https://issuu.com/outsite.org
The Polish/Irish photographer: https://issuu.com/thefix-analogue-magazine
The American Meteorite Exchange Inc. Magazine: https://issuu.com/meteorite-times

We encourage everyone to apply regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital, veteran or disability status.

About Issuu

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