Marketing Designer

Jampp, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mobile App Engagement, Retargeting, & User Acquisition

We are looking for a Marketing Designer to join our team! 

Our ideal candidate is a curious, proactive, graphic designer who has worked in a business-to-business organization, and can produce amazing designs - from concept to execution - that engage and attract our audience on multiple channels. 

As part of Jampp’s Marketing team, you will work closely with Product and Sales to deliver diverse projects of all different shapes and sizes, spanning digital (e.g. infographics), print, physical merchandizing (including funky tee-shirts), event design and a bunch of other stuff that you’ll help us to conceive.


  • Conceptualize and execute strategies to create interest, demand, and recognition of the Jampp brand with cool, clean designs that help explain our products and inspire our audience.
  • Propose and design creative assets for all our marketing channels
  • Demonstrate your skills and motivate the other designers you work with to adhere to your design principles and processes
  • Coordinate specific projects with freelancers, assisting with design briefs and feedback iterations
  • Juggle diverse projects to deliver quality work on time

Qualifications & Skills

  • 2+ years experience as a graphic designer in a company, preferably in a B2B environment
  • Expert technical knowledge using vector design, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Native English speaker
  • You’re extremely detail-orientated and strive for the highest quality in everything you design, down to the last pixel
  • You take full ownership of projects and are constantly looking to improve the way things are done
  • You are a natural brainstormer who constantly brings new ideas for creative solutions
  • You can easily explain your ideas and design decisions when communicating with other designers and different teams
  • You love what you do, and your passion and energy shows in everything you do at work
  • You thrive in a highly collaborative, fast-paced start-up environment
  • Your designs are as user-­friendly as they are beautiful

The icing on the cake

  • You can code in HTML/CSS
  • You can edit video like a pro
  • You’ve curated a kickass Dribbble portfolio :-)

What we offer

  • Learn a ton about the hottest area of growth in Internet marketing: Mobile!
  • A great level of responsibility from day one and the chance to develop your potential without any limitations
  • An entrepreneurial environment with a competitive salary
  • Coffee, loads of snacks and a fridge full of drinks!

Who we are

Jampp is the growth platform of choice for on-demand apps worldwide. We unlock programmatic advertising to drive incremental performance. A demand-side platform (DSP) at heart, Jampp leverages unique contextual and behavioral signals to deliver customers and in-app purchases through programmatic user acquisition and retargeting.

Simpler version: with a team of  +100 mobile specialists, we simplify programmatic growth for some of the biggest mobile advertisers  (like Uber, Rappi, iFood, & Takeaway.com to name a few).

We leverage diverse technologies to build our extremely scalable and highly available platform and big data tools that allow us to manage and process the big stream of data we receive. We analyze more than 100TB per day to determine (in less than 100ms) the value of an ad depending on it’s probability to convert, the context of the user and other factors billions of time each hour.

We serve our global client base from our offices in San Francisco, Berlin, São Paulo, Singapore, Cape Town, and Buenos Aires.

About Jampp

Our Story In 2013 we noticed the chaos surrounding mobile performance advertising, and wanted to change all that, somehow. It took us a year to build Jampp. What we recognized back then resides at the core of everything we do today: real value in this industry is derived from long-lasting app customers, and nothing else. While companies flocked to sell app installs, we designed our infrastructure and technology with a single mission in mind - to help companies boost their mobile sales. Today Jampp uses advanced developments like Predictive Bidding to serve a global client base from offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, São Paulo, Cape Town and Buenos Aires. We are a diverse team of 80 people with backgrounds spanning Engineering to Economics, delivering sales and engagement to the world’s fastest growing app companies.

Want to learn more about Jampp? Visit Jampp's website.