Product & Data Analyst

Jampp, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mobile App Engagement, Retargeting, & User Acquisition

We are doing something great here, it’s still Day 1 for Mobile Marketing and at Jampp we are at the forefront of programmatic technology.

As a Product Analyst at Jampp, you’ll be responsible for the first critical stage for product cycle: research, prototype creation and testing. Lots of testing! And once the product is live, some more testing and re-develop.

Our main goal here <and challenge> is to to bring business ideas to tech life. To achieve it, besides thinking a lot, you will need to interact with data science team, tech, operations & Sales.

So, if you are a big fan of AB Testing you might be the super SMART Jampper we are looking for 👇


  • Analyze large and varied quantities of data, identifying problems and providing creative solutions. How? Applying economic/econometric models.
  • Assist PMs in conducting in depth analysis for their products.
  • Help make experiments proof-safe without any hidden biases.
  • Design simple product pipeline.
  • Understand current products and explain them clearly to different audiences.
  • Think a lot.


  • Bachelor's Degree in a quantitative field such as Business, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, Math.
  • No work experience required, but strong 💪knowledge of SQL, Python or other language.
  • 💙 You need to be a self-starter, and have a entrepreneurial mentality, to thrive here.


  • 🤓Learn a ton about the hottest area of growth in Internet advertising - Mobile!
  • 📈A great level of responsibility from day one and the chance to develop your potential without any limitations
  • 🚀An entrepreneurial environment
  • 🍿Coffee, loads of snacks and a fridge full of drinks!
  • ➡️Other benefits? Competitive salary and our policy is: “do what you want with it” 🤷. Oh, and yes quite a few cool Jampp t-shirts per year 😎

About Jampp

Our Story In 2013 we noticed the chaos surrounding mobile performance advertising, and wanted to change all that, somehow. It took us a year to build Jampp. What we recognized back then resides at the core of everything we do today: real value in this industry is derived from long-lasting app customers, and nothing else. While companies flocked to sell app installs, we designed our infrastructure and technology with a single mission in mind - to help companies boost their mobile sales. Today Jampp uses advanced developments like Predictive Bidding to serve a global client base from offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, São Paulo, Cape Town and Buenos Aires. We are a diverse team of 80 people with backgrounds spanning Engineering to Economics, delivering sales and engagement to the world’s fastest growing app companies.

Want to learn more about Jampp? Visit Jampp's website.