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Jet’s mission is to become the smartest way to shop and save on pretty much anything. Combining a revolutionary pricing engine, a world-class technology and fulfillment platform, and incredible customer service, we’ve set out to create a new kind of e-commerce.  At Jet, we’re passionate about empowering people to live and work brilliant.

About Jet’s Internal Engine

We’re building a new kind of company, and we’re building it from the inside out, which means that investing in hiring, developing, and retaining the brightest minds in the world is a top priority. Everything we do is grounded in three simple values:  trust, transparency, and fairness.  From our business model to our culture, we live our values to the extreme, whether we’re dealing with employees, retail partners, or consumers.  We believe that happiness is the highest level of success and we want every person that crosses paths with Jet to achieve it.  If you’re an ambitious, smart, natural collaborator who likes taking risks, influencing, and innovating in a challenging hyper-growth environment, we’d love to talk to you about joining our team. 

About the Job

This position is responsible for the optimization of the throughput and performance of an entire wall-to-wall system (automated and manual) in a fulfillment center. This position is an extension of the Fulfillment Engineering Organization and is resident at a fulfillment center with the primary responsibility of ensuring that the system meets and/or exceeds the intended metrics with respect to reliability and throughput.  An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties as assigned and/or necessary.

Essential Functions

An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Oversees a team of resident engineering personnel to assist the General Manager of the facility in achieving and/or exceeding the design intent of the entire wall-to-wall fulfillment system (automation and manual processes included) with respect to key metrics (including but not limited to the following: system throughput, system reliability and up-time, Variable Cost Per Unit (VCPU), etc.). 

Assumes the role as the resident engineering expert with respect to automated systems, including but not limited to the following: conveyors, sorters, elevators, lifts, scanners, vision systems, robotic systems, AGVs, and other automated solutions. 

Represents Fulfillment Engineering and leads daily system problem solving, issue resolution and root cause analysis as well as both short and long term continuous improvement efforts. This includes collaborating with key internal teams (for example: operations leadership, engineering, maintenance, information systems, etc.).  Working closely with the leadership of internal organizations to ensure proper support to ensure proper communication and understanding of the issues and prioritization of the process improvement efforts.  Likewise, acting as the Point of Contact for all of the automation providers and coordinating their on-site personnel and leveraging their external resources, if/when necessary to ensure proper issue communication and resolution.

This is a senior position within the organization and requires broad knowledge of industry technologies, equipment, and material handling solutions as well as lean process flow and continuous improvement tools.  This position will lead and provide coaching and guidance to on-site personnel with respect to lean tools, engineering tools and continuous improvement tools when appropriate (for example, but not limited to the following: root cause problem solving, 5 why, FMEA, DOE, process flow mapping, process flow block/starved analysis, error/mistake proofing, writing standardized operating practices (SOPs), preventative maintenance, Kaizen, etc.). 

This position will help train existing maintenance personnel as well as help hire and train new maintenance personnel capable of maintaining and repairing the next generation of automated solutions and equipment.

Help focus continuous improvement efforts through the use of existing data, tools, dashboards and system metrics as well as suggesting new metrics or changes to dashboards, if/where appropriate.  

Collaborate with key cross functional teams (for example: operations, engineering, IT, transportation, etc.) to align resources and identify priorities; partnering with material handling providers to identify and implement changes and appropriate new technologies. 

Assist the Operations Team and Field Engineering Team, as well as the automation providers, with generating proposals for process improvements including capital expense projects. Review presentations regarding to new ideas and continuous improvement designs, including associated return on investment, prior to submission for senior leadership approval.  Suggest next generation system/process improvements for the fulfillment center or for future green field designs.

Provides leadership by reviewing business objectives and customer needs; developing, communicating, building support for, and implementing business strategies, plans, and practices; analyzing metrics, identifying supporting resource requirements; evaluating operational processes; measuring outcomes to ensure desired results; identifying and capitalizing on improvement opportunities; promoting a customer-focused environment; and demonstrating adaptability and sponsoring continuous learning.

Represents the Fulfillment Engineering Organization on cross-functional teams addressing Global Logistics initiatives by serving as a consultant and subject matter expert (SME); listening to and evaluating new ideas and concepts for executive leadership; and supporting Logistics by applying guidance, training, and best practices.

Direct fulfillment engineering projects by reviewing and approving project implementation plans, timelines, budgets, and operational plans for projects being implemented at your fulfillment center; reviewing project performance to ensure projects are meeting financial goals; and ensuring projects are progressing according to plan and operational needs are being met while minimizing operational impact.

Develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce by diagnosing capability gaps; recruiting, selecting, and developing talent; supporting mentorship, workforce development, and succession planning; and leveraging the capabilities of new and existing talent.

Cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics by integrating these values into all programs and practices; developing consequences for violations or non-compliance; and supporting the Open-Door Policy.

Develops and leverages internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals by sponsoring and leading key community outreach and involvement initiatives; engaging key stakeholders in the development, execution, and evaluation of appropriate business plans and initiatives; and supporting associate efforts in these areas.

About You

An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.

Judgment: Make Sound Judgments - Uses objective financial and business analyses to evaluate the returns and risks of business choices. Analyzes and integrates trends and patterns to determine the root causes of problems and identify solutions. Evaluates short- and long-term implications of decisions. Accurately forecasts growth, costs, and business challenges.

Customer/Member Centered: Promote a Customer/Member-Focused Environment - Creates and maintains an environment that provides customers/members with desired products, services, and experiences. Combines experience, insight, and data to determine how to best exceed customer/member needs. Develops and implements initiatives, practices, and plans to capitalize on customer/member-focused growth and improvement opportunities. Ensures the removal of barriers to delivering exceptional customer/member value, service, and support.

Execution and Results: Optimize Execution and Results - Uses the advantage of company size, internal and external resources, and talent to achieve success. Creates an environment where associates are held accountable for achieving goals and results. Applies broad, cross-functional knowledge and resources to produce results that best fit the company strategy. Prioritizes and balances time, actions, resources, and initiatives to ensure accomplishment of critical results. Makes sure desired change initiatives and priorities are implemented appropriately.

Planning and Improvement: Advocate Planning and Continuous Improvement - Sets and communicates clear and aligned goals, monitors progress, and ensures leaders in own organization do the same. Develops and implements plans and practices to ensure others have the information, resources, implementation time, and talent needed to succeed. Develops and upgrades work assignments and processes to accomplish goals across functions, organizations, and geographies, where appropriate. Sponsors continuous improvement and elimination of non-value-added work.

Embraces, values, and implements diverse perspectives and ideas.

Influence and Communicate: Inspire Commitment - Develops and communicates logical, convincing justifications, including lessons learned, that build commitment and support for one's perspectives and initiatives. Builds diverse, high-performing teams that accomplish organizational changes, goals, and priorities. Ensures strategies, change initiatives, and competitive information are communicated in clear and compelling ways. Listens to, leverages, and promotes the diverse ideas, perspectives, and contributions of others across the business.

Ethics and Compliance: Promote Ethics and Compliance - Builds and sustains an environment where adherence to and reinforcement of the highest standards of integrity and ethics are the norm. Identifies opportunities and takes action to enhance compliance. Ensures associates receive the communication and instruction needed to act in accordance with policies and procedures.

Adaptability: Demonstrate Adaptability - Demonstrates resourcefulness and resilience in the face of change, obstacles, and adversity. Adapts to competing demands and shifting priorities. Updates knowledge and skills to handle new complexities, challenges, and responsibilities (for example, seeking out training, learning from experience, researching best practices). Seeks exposure to new ideas and perspectives. Sponsors programs and initiatives to improve adaptability and continuous learning capabilities in own organization.

Strategy: Think and Act Strategically - Creates strategies for own organization that align with the company's strategies and lead to the achievement of business priorities. Pursues initiatives, investments, and opportunities that fit with and support company strategies. Assesses deliverables against leading industry practices and implements plans that leverage company advantages. Works through different strategic options and determines their intended and unintended implications, and applies to business planning.

Social Responsibility and Reputation: Promote Reputation and Social Responsibility - Proactively leads volunteer activities, programs, and initiatives in order to improve the community. Seeks and maintains external relationships and alliances, strengthening the company's impact on and reputation in the community. Serves as a credible spokesperson, representative, and sponsor of the company to the public and the community.

Talent: Assess and Improve Talent - Develops talent and replacement plans for own organization that increase effectiveness, build diversity, and enhance bench strength. Identifies, utilizes, and integrates associates' strengths to produce improved results. Creates an environment where people processes (for example, performance management, development) are used effectively to improve associate performance and achieve desired results throughout own organization. Mentors, guides, and sponsors the development of key talent.

Build Relationships: Build Internal and External Relationships - Builds and sustains trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances across functional, organizational, and geographical boundaries to achieve goals. Sponsors initiatives and programs that promote respect for, interest in, and support of associates. Ensures associates are treated in an accepting, respectful manner.

Physical Activities

The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.

Observes associate, customer, or supplier behavior.

Enters and locates information on computer.

Presents information to small or large groups and individuals.

Communicates effectively in person or by using telecommunications equipment.

Creates documents, reports, etc., using a writing instrument (such as a pencil or pen) or computer.

Visually verifies information, often in small print.

Reads information, often in small print.


Traveling is necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.

Occasionally travels domestically to and from Walmart and/or Jet HQ and/or facilities or work-sites to participate in meetings, workshops, company events, etc. requiring an overnight stay. (Percent of travel = 5% or less)

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or related field.

At least 10 years experience working with automation / automated systems.

Minimum 5 years supervisory experience.

Minimum 5 years of operations experience working in a highly automated facility or high speed manufacturing environment.

Minimum 2 years of operational experience within a fulfillment center, distribution center, or warehouse.

Lean Manufacturing experience preferred.

Experience leading and teaching others in the use of lean tools, problem solving, root cause analysis, continuous improvement and preventative maintenance.

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s degree in engineering or business preferred but not required.

E-commerce experience preferred but not required.

Green Belt / Black Belt Certification a plus.


About Jet

At Jet, our goal is to reshape the landscape of e-commerce forever and make a lasting difference in people’s lives.


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