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About Kamet

Kamet Ventures is a venture inventor and builder focused on creating breakthrough companies that will redefine the sectors of insurtech, healthtech and mobility as we know them today.

Since its inception in 2016, Kamet’s ideation lab has churned out more than 400 original ideas through a unique process centred around identifying gaps in the market, investigating hypotheses, carrying out extensive ethnographic and data research, and partnering with world-class entrepreneurs to ultimately build and scale market-leading companies. To date, we have built industry leaders across telemedicine, life insurance, pathology and care.

With offices across London, Paris and Tel Aviv, Kamet Ventures is committed to combining art and science to foster exceptional innovation.



Role Description:

You will join the Strategy team at Kamet, which is involved with the full life cycle of new business creation, including ideas screening, conceptualisation and definition of the business model, and prototyping – a method we are used to call “ideation process”.

Your role as a Health Strategy Analyst is to support the creation of new health tech ventures by:

- leading the ideation process to identify new health tech ventures opportunities (5 to 10 ideas every 12 months)

- conducting industry and competitor research to understand current health industry landscape and identify disruption opportunities

- helping develop a detailed business plan for each chosen viable venture

- understanding the structure and dynamics of different health systems across Europe (especially France, Germany and the UK)  

- and by working with wider Kamet factory team to test and validate those business ideas.

You will also selectively support some of the Kamet more mature ventures on strategic projects.

The position can be based in our London or Paris office and you will report directly to the Chief Strategist.


Results expected:

Within 1 month, you will :

- understand the Kamet ecosystem and meet our teams

- understand our proprietary ideation process

- understand the key stakes of our ongoing health projects


Within 3 months, you will :

- be the referent regarding the European health insurance markets (FR, UK, Germany)

- support the Kamet ideation process by conducting industry search and identifying disruption opportunities

- engage with and lead transversal teams on your projects


Within 4 to 10 months, you will :

- lead an ideation process to identify a new health tech venture opportunity

- pitch at least one business opportunity to the Kamet team


Within 11 to 18 months, you will :

- lead multiple projects

- recruit and train a health strategy associate

- define your own list of objectives


Requirements/Skills set:

To qualify for the role you must demonstrate:

- 3 to 7 years at a leading strategy consulting company

- Understanding of the key European health insurance markets

- Creativity in designing new value propositions and business models

- Ability to synthesise and derive key strategic insights from large quantities of data - qualitative and quantitative 

- Ability to proactively take ownership of specific a research project (and perhaps multiple projects) and to efficiently manage the time spent on different tasks. Flexibility will be important.

- Strong communication skills.

- Language: Excellent written and verbal conversation in English plus ideally a 2nd European language such as German, Italian, French or Spanish.


Why join our ecosystem?

If you are excited by technological change and its ability to disrupt traditional businesses, come and work with us! We work at the intersection of business, digital technology and creativity.

- Stimulating work environment: You will work in a booming sector and become part of the future global leader within the digital health ecosystem. You will work on creative projects with a diverse range of people from a wide range of backgrounds.

- Exciting career development: You will enjoy a steep learning curve and also have the option to join one of the Kamet new businesses in the next 18-24 months.



will enjoy a steep learning curve and also have the option to join one of the Kamet new businesses over the medium-term.

About Kamet

Kamet backs brash entrepreneurs building the next generation of ground breaking technology companies, geared to improve, enrich or disrupt the insurance ecosystem. With offices in Paris, and London, and soon in Asia and America, Kamet focuses on pioneering start-ups that are ready to scale across the global stage. Funded by the AXA group, Kamet delivers unparalleled access to a top corporations to match cutting-edge entrepreneurs with one of the world's most powerful FI/ Insurance company. A perfect storm is hitting the insurance ecosystem: Big data analytics and IoT, offering way to manage risks differently, new engagement models with customers, striving for simplicity and transparency, regulatory pressure, social networks, mobility and connectivity, each of the ongoing trends is opening endless opportunities to innovate and even disrupt a stable, conservative, often stone edged industry. There is a divide between market-leading corporations and innovative, technology-enabled startups: the first have scale, but are too large to innovate quickly; the second are innovative by necessity, but often lack the scale to make a broad impact. To date, one of the biggest complaints about VCs is that they lack the proper structure and resources to connect these two disparate groups. Kamet and AXA recognised this opportunity and created a platform that bridges the gap. At the core, Kamet is a fast start-up studio. We host entrepreneurs, give them the opportunity to meet others, to share their ideas, to benefit from ours, and we support them in developing their business, from the ground up.


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