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Kenzan is named for the base which supports the arrangement in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

Keep businesses up and running.


Kenzan is a software engineering and full-service digital consulting firm that provides customized, end-to-end solutions that align technical strategy with business goals. Combining leadership with technical expertise, Kenzan works with partners and clients to craft solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies, from ideation to development and delivery. Their services include Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Application Development, Digital Transformation, Architecture Consulting, Cloud Virtualization, and DevOps Leadership.

Clients include HBO, Thomson Reuters, Charter Spectrum and Starz. Kenzan partners with organizations like Pivotal and DataStax to create solutions that leverage the latest technologies such as cloud infrastructure, containerization, and continuous integration and delivery tools.

Founded in 2004, Kenzan is owned by Amdocs. Their team consists of architects, engineers, developers, project managers & business analysts, and dev testers, with offices across the U.S. in Rhode Island, New York City, Los Angeles, and Denver.

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Kenzan's Values

Kindness. Collaboration. Innovation. Respect. Accountability. Transparency. Trust.

  • We are respectful and inclusive. We welcome individuals as part of the whole.
  • We communicate open and honestly. Transparency is key to building relationships.
  • We pitch in. Sharing resources and shift workloads for team success.
  • We are dedicated. Commitment to excellence by continuing education and exceeding expectations.
  • We are humble. Seek feedback with self-reflection.
  • We are encouraging. Appreciate the diversity within and inspire those around us to feel stronger and more confident.
  • We are accountable. Accept responsibility for your work, and disclose results in a transparent manner.
  • We are ethical. Do the right thing by the community we have built.
  • We trust the team. Strive to trust and be deserving of trust; confidence is given by being dependable.
  • We are supportive and have each other’s backs.

Behind The Scenes

Kenzan employees at desks
Kenzan employees eating breakfast
Kenzan employees playing chess
Kenzan Hack Night snacks
Kenzan Hack Night
Kenzan LoopBack Social
Kenzan meeting - lines of code
Kenzan team presentation

Kenzan's Tech Stack

Languages & Proficiencies
HTML5 - JavaScript - ES6 - Sass/Less - Angular - Zuul - Archaius - Ribbon - Hystrix - Servo - Zeno - Falcor - RxJava - Spring - Boot - Jersey - Cassandra - Greenplum - MySQL - Elastic - Kafka - Spark - EMR - RedShift - Memcache - Redis - Loopback - Express - KOA - Flask - Drupal - Splunk - ELK - Terradata

Atlassian - Github - Jenkins - Spinnaker - Junit - Spring Boot - Spring Cloud - Jersey - Netflix OSS - Guice - Swagger - Webpack - Protractor - Istanbul - PhantomJS - Grunt - Maven - Gradle - Bower - Gulp - KSS - Styleguide - Bootstrap - Material Design - Mocha/Chai/Sinon - Jasmine - Lodash - Modernizr - Karma

AWS - GCP - Pivotal - DataStax - Docker - Kubernetes - Jenkins - Asgard - Eureka - Spinnaker - Zuul - Dynamite - Symian Army - Nexus - Terraform - Packer - Ansible - DataDog - New Relic

12 Factor - Microservices - Object Oriented Development - Structural Programming - Modular Design - Video Streaming & DRM - PCI Compliance - Asynchronius - Bottom Up Design - Agile - Scaled Agile - Kanban - ARIA

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