Learning Center Director (Upper School) (2020-2021)

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Learning Center Director (Upper School) 2020-21

Job Description

Learning Center Director

Khan Lab School (KLS) seeks a full-time Learning Center Director. The goal of the Learning Center is to assist middle and high school-aged students develop strategies for academic success. The Learning Center Director will be responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of the Learning Center through the identification, use, and/or development of research-based curricula and data-driven assessments in order to support student progress. A key component of the Learning Center will include ongoing collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to address a variety of needs in order to maximize mastery-based learning across disciplines.

The Learning Center Director will use a variety of approaches to support and develop students executive functioning, mathematics, and writing skills in addition to assisting students who have diagnosed learning differences. The Director also works with faculty in and out of the classroom to support differentiated instruction for all students and to design student-centered learning approaches.

The Director will work with students individually and/or in small group settings and will submit and manage standardized test accommodations for the College Board and ACT.  They will be the primary point of contact with families and other KLS team members, as needed, to discuss the academic concerns of students who are utilizing Learning Center services.  



About Khan Lab School

Khan Lab School (KLS) is a non-profit, mastery-based school founded by Salman Khan in 2014 to extend Khan Academy’s student-centered philosophy into a physical school environment. Furthering his vision for Khan Academy, Khan wrote and published The One World Schoolhouse, in which he argues for mastery-based, blended, and mixed-age learning coupled with a departure from traditional letter grades. Today the KLS community is bringing that vision to life on its own campus and also sharing knowledge within education more broadly.

In each academic area at KLS, progress is decoupled from age; the time it takes a student to finish a course will vary but the depth of mastery is constant. We believe that students cannot “master” a course by performing well on one assessment. Instead, students are expected to demonstrate mastery of all skills and content before they can obtain foundational credit, thereby reducing the number of “gaps” in their education.   

Every student is assigned to a mixed-age cohort, which they can expect to be part of for two to three years. There are currently six cohorts for students ages 5 to 18+. Students also partner with faculty to explore their passions and deepen their learning. The quality of learning remains high but as a lab school, instructional methods are constantly being reimagined and tested. Learning is supported through weekly 1-1 advising, real-world application, and a culture that fosters student agency. Faculty and students do not simply adhere to the status quo in education. As a lab school, KLS is a model for innovation in education. 



The Learning Center Director will provide daily individualized instruction and build impactful mentoring relationships with students. They help students complete their academic work and navigate places where they are stuck in their understanding.  

Role and Responsibilities 

  • Work in partnership with the Head of Upper School, School Counselor, faculty, and Director of College Counseling to support students with learning differences who need academic support and/or executive skill support.
  • Develop a process for identifying students who enroll at KLS with a diagnosable learning difference or who are referred by parents or staff.
  • Provide 1:1 and small group support to students enrolling in Learning Center services.
  • Partner with parents to discuss their child’s learning needs and develop individualized support plans.
  • Support students in all academic areas, particularly writing and math.
  • Review admission candidate files.
  • Coordinate with Foothill College DRC to ensure academic requirements and needs are met.
  • Ensure that students find academic balance among their courses.
  • Appropriately and effectively coach students, driving them to be their best.
  • Work with students on academic and executive functioning skills.
  • Oversee MAP testing for Upper School and collaborate with the Director of College Counseling to support PSAT testing.
  • Apply for and work with the Director of College Counseling to ensure proper and appropriate testing accommodations for all upper school, College Board, ACT exams.



Skills and Capabilities

The ideal candidates should possess many of the following qualifications:


  • Masters in Special Education (strongly preferred).
  • Extensive knowledge of learning challenges and their impact on students’ development and learning. 
  • Minimum 5-7 years successful experience supporting the needs of students. 
  • Experience with multi-sensory approach to reading and writing instruction.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate effectively with students, parents, faculty, and staff 
  • Experience providing individualized basic skills and study strategies remediation to students in a one-on-one and small group instructional settings, particularly Grades 6-9. 
  • Ability to develop individualized learning plans and monitor the progress of students with identified learning differences 
  • Ability to help classroom teachers implement academic technology that supports learning differences.
  • Ability to conduct, maintain, and track results of assessments including standardized testing (e.g. MAP). 
  • Ability to read and synthesize psycho-educational evaluations, IEPs, and 504 plans. 
  • The ability to challenge and inspire students.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to actively contribute to continuous improvement of the school.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.


Khan Lab School is a team of educators that have a deep commitment to their work. We get things done and believe that in our highly collaborative environment that anything is possible.  All of our decisions are made through the lens of what is best for our students.  We tackle tough questions without ego, are results oriented, and have high expectations for school and our students.

Khan Lab School offers a stimulating and unique working environment with a competitive salary. We seek team members who possess a unique skill set since this is a multi-faceted teaching position.  To learn more about our vision & learning design, please visit our website: khanlabschool.org.


Competitive compensation commensurate with experience

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Free lunch and snacks 
  • Khan Lab School tuition discount
  • Great colleagues

Start Date: August, 2020

Location: Mountain View, CA

Number of Positions to be Filled: 1



To qualify, please provide a resume and a letter of interest.  Successful candidates will have a demonstrated familiarity with the Sal Khan’s school model outlined in his book The One World Schoolhouse. 

Khan Lab School is an EOE and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, place of national origin, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or physical handicap in its employment practice.


About Khan Lab School

About us Our purpose is to develop new, personalized practices that center around the student. We believe that young people are capable of far more than society currently recognizes, and we create and test learning experiences to share with the world. In keeping with Sal Khan’s "One World Schoolhouse"​ philosophy, we provide an extended-year, extended-day, mixed-age program with a project-based learning approach. Our academic experience is coordinated by a team of Advisors, Content Specialists, and Associate Teachers who guide students through gradually increasing levels of independence.

Want to learn more about Khan Lab School? Visit Khan Lab School's website.