Senior DevOps: Infrastructure Engineer

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Assembling a top notch team is the #1 challenge forward-looking companies know they must solve. At Lever, we’re building next-generation collaboration software that helps companies bring more transparency, participation, and engagement to their hiring. As an Infrastructure Engineer, you’ll help us keep Lever ahead of customer growth by making a continual scaling improvements to the underlying infrastructure and help our product engineering team move quickly with confidence.

As Lever’s Infrastructure Engineer, you'll be automating all the things: application and infrastructure deployment, continuous integration, monitoring, and alerting. Our engineering culture is highly collaborative, implementing many core DevOps philosophies focused on strong inter-team communication. We love to working together to make an amazing product!

You’ll also own deployment and operation of Lever’s product systems and services. You’ll lead the design and development of tooling, automation, and dev processes for operating a fast-growing SaaS business. You'll also address the unique operational challenges of a real-time web application. 
Help us mitigate risk while increasing reliability. We’ll trust you to lead our ability to triage and deal with operational issues. Advise our team on how to write code and architect systems that make our entire codebase more testable, scalable, and dependable. Introduce tools and practices to improve our deployment and testing. Own our disaster planning and socialize the monitoring and on-call procedures that will help our entire engineering team support you.

You’ll join a team where everyone—including you—is striving to constantly improve their knowledge of infrastructure, systems, and cares about minimizing downtime. We are an incredibly supportive team–we love to pitch in when problems arise and give great peer feedback to help each other grow. We are passionate about lots of things--automation,  friendly chat bots, creating a great hiring experience, and a great user experience--and we love sharing those passions with each other.

Lever uses our own open source MVC framework called Derby that syncs all data via Operational Transformation (the algorithm behind Google Docs and Wave). OT is the way we handle concurrency conflicts for any piece of data that is edited at the same time. In addition to real-time sync, OT allows us to provide a smoother UI since we can render updates on the client instantly without waiting for our backend to respond, while still guaranteeing consistency. For a more in-depth look at OT, here's a conference talk that Nate, our CTO, gave!
Lever makes extensive use of AWS, Docker, Node, Mongo, ElasticSearch, and Redis within our infrastructure. We use tools like Hubot to streamline deployments and Graphana to see what’s going on under the hood. In addition to automating all the things, we love to version them too! Our systems are all created using Terraform and Chef, working together to ensure consistency at all costs.

Learn more about Lever’s interview process and read about what our engineering has been up to on our team blog.


  • Complete Lever’s new hire training week (affectionately known as Ramp Camp), and learn what it means to build a powerful recruiting platform
  • Ramp up on Lever’s engineering stack by pair programming with your teammates and attending engineering training sessions designed and presented by your peers
  • Complete your infrastructure starter project and deploy your first changes to production!


  • Help plan and implement your first infrastructure project
  • Dive into Lever’s architecture and gain a deeper understanding of the services that Lever is comprised of and how they interact with one another
  • Use Chef and Terraform to manage infrastructure as code and bring a new instance or service online
  • Participate in infrastructure-specific on-call rotation and be able to diagnose and resolve production issues


  • Level-up our monitoring with velocity alerting to reveal the inner workings of Lever’s stack
  • Confidently manage our production servers using Terraform and Chef to spin up new infrastructure on demand and add new services
  • Contribute to expanding Lever’s global presence by launching bringing new stacks online in Frankfurt and Sydney
  • Offer suggestions and feedback on the infrastructure  roadmap to help plan the coming quarter


  • Train engineers in on-call rotation and security policies
  • Maintain knowledge of infrastructure design and operations best practices and teach them to rest of the team
  • Attend deploy reviews to offer insights and help product engineers plan complex projects
  • Learn expert skills in performance tuning of MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch
  • Take part in SupOps rotation and serve as the front line for unplanned problems, one-off urgent tasks, and backlog work

Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $73 million. As the applicant tracking system of choice for Netflix, Lyft, Eventbrite, ClearSlide, change.org, and thousands more leading companies.

Under the hood, we're a technology company with a powerful open-source web framework: DerbyJS. It is the first and only open-source MVC framework that syncs all data via an Operational Transformation backend, using the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. DerbyJS is also uniquely optimized to render everything on the server as well as the client.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Take an inside look into life at Lever or learn more about what Lever Engineering is up to on the Engineering Blog.

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