Customer Success Associate

Komodo Health, New York City, San Francisco, Boston

Making healthcare make sense.

Who We Are

Komodo Health is addressing the global burden of disease through the development of the world’s most actionable map of healthcare data. Our solutions drive a more transparent, efficient and productive healthcare ecosystem through the creation of quantitative solutions to qualitative problems.

As a fast growing startup that has already partnered with multiple Fortune 500 companies, we have very ambitious goals that have been designed with career development in mind. As a company, we value our culture of encouraging growth, collaboration, and constructive debate as well as delivering innovative solutions that “wow” our customers.

 The Opportunity at Komodo Health

 As one of the members of this business-critical team, you will: 

  • Drive value for Komodo’s Life Sciences customers by supporting our products, spearheading our data deployments, and producing analytical deliverables that drive key business insights
  • Become an expert on Komodo’s product offerings and Healthcare Map 
  • Represent Komodo Health as the primary point of contact to life sciences customers and develop solutions to their business needs using your subject matter expertise 

What You Bring to Komodo

  • Not task oriented, you bring a can do attitude.  Team player, creative.  You don’t accept status quo, you are poking against best practices, constantly improving.
  • Knowledge of the healthcare industry/life sciences
  • Intellectual curiosity, an analytical mindset, and accompanying skills with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint to generate deliverables for customers
  • A customer focus: the ability to partner with customers, translate their requests into a work plan, and generate outputs that will drive business value
  • 0-2 years of experience working in healthcare, Life Sciences, Consulting, or Professional Services

After 3 months, you will…

  • Take a progressively increasing role in the day to day activities that support our life sciences customers. 
  • Coordinate our quarterly data deployments
  • Work with cross functional teams to define and analyze patient and HCP cohorts, owning the process of setting business rules and creating deliverables from beginning to end
  •  Train and support users on our platform

About Komodo Health

Komodo Health was founded on our collective experiences navigating the ever-expanding, dynamic, and challenging data environment in healthcare. We see the scale and speed at which data are expanding outpace technologies that are currently used to find and act on signals. By leveraging the same foundational big data technologies found in other industries, we’re able to drive better intelligence in healthcare.

Komodo Health

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