B2B Sales Representative (m/f) | London

Kreditech, London

Financial Freedom for the Underbanked

B2B Sales Representative: London

Are you looking for an exciting career in a big corporation? Well, then you are definitely not in the right place.

Are you a recent graduate or just don’t have any sales experience? Sorry, we won’t be able to provide you with coaching, we do need a person with a proven track record of success in sales.

Would you like to be a part of one of the fastest growing disruptive industries? If so, there might be just a perfect place for you at Kontomatik, a leading fintech company that provides banking APIs. Join us as a Sales Representative in London and start making the whole financial industry more consumer oriented.

Who are we?

Kontomatik is a brand name of Kontomierz.pl Sp. z o.o., a Personal Finance Management application. Back in 2009 we were a startup whose goal was to allow people in Poland to access a better way for personal finance management. Since then we have completely switched to the development of B2B technologies, yet one thing stayed unchanged - we are pretty much startup-minded.

What will you do?

Your main task will be to find prospects and convert them into paying clients. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Warm Sales

Many companies look for accessing financial data and they often reach out to us. You would have to demonstrate our technology, educate the leads, answer the questions, sort out the doubts, follow-up and do everything in your disposal to make sure that the client is signing with us and actually uses our technology.

Cold Sales

We don’t really need a person who sits and waits for the client to come in. You will be expected to scout for potential clients, do cold mailing and cold calling, expand your network via LinkedIn and so on.


You are expected to look for relevant events in UK and attend them. Ideally, you should be comfortable doing public speaking, as presenting our technology in-front of hundreds of people will be considered as a great advantage.


As a Sales Representative, you will be expected to log your activities in SalesForce, ideally you should have previous experience with this CRM.

How does an ideal candidate look like?

  • 2+ years of sales experience (preferably in B2B environment). This is a must.

  • Fluent English

  • Technology savvy person. You will need to explain and sell a complex technology, you better know what API stands for before applying. You wouldn’t need to code, don’t worry.

  • Experience of communication with C-level executives

  • Experience in banking and or financial services industries

  • Easy-going and a cheerful person

What do we offer?

With Kontomatik you get a very challenging and rewarding role. From the one side, you will be given a nearly absolute freedom to work remotely, provided that you can meet potential clients (mostly in city of London). From the other side, you will be selling a complex technology, the interest for which is skyrocketing. You will be given a high uncapped commission and excellent remuneration. However, we do not expect you to be a one-man-army, you will be provided with support from our head office in Warsaw.

About Kreditech

Kreditech Group’s mission is to improve financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology. Combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning, the Company is aiming to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for digital banking services. The product offerings include consumer loans, a digital wallet and a personal finance manager designed to help customers manage their credit score and plan their spending. Kreditech also offers a “credit as a service” model, allowing partners to integrate its credit products as payment method or funding source. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Kreditech has processed four million loan applications through its subsidiaries. The company is led by CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Graubner-Müller and is financially backed by world-class investors including J.C. Flowers, Peter Thiel, and the Worldbank’s IFC.


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