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About Kurtosys
Kurtosys empowers financial services firms to create powerful investor experiences and lasting customer relationships through efficient automation of key sales, marketing and customer service processes.
The company provides an end-to-end digital experience platform (DXP) that enables firms to create, manage, publish and optimize all their financial data, documents, websites and content in a secure, compliant environment.
As a result, it is trusted by the world’s leading investment brands to mitigate their risks and reduce their costs while providing the agility to ensure they are first to market.
Kurtosys solutions include secure websites and portals, interactive data tools and apps, automated sales presentations, marketing collateral and reporting and document libraries.  
Kurtosys infrastructure and technology is underpinned by global ISO-27001 certification in information security management, and Kurtosys teams have a deep understanding of working at scale with data, information design, industry regulations and compliance issues.
Founded in 2002, Kurtosys was funded from Silicon Valley investment and operates across three global offices, employing approximately 200 people. The company works with some of the world’s largest financial brands, including banks, wealth managers, mutual fund providers and alternative investments.

Our mission is to empower financial services firms to build highly productive, industry-compliant sales, marketing and client service departments.
Using our innovative digital experience platform and tools, our customers can accelerate these functions by automating critical business processes and create stand-out investor experiences that lead to lasting relationships with their customers. 
All while reducing risk with technology that ensures alignment with industry regulations and best practices.
As a partner in the pursuit of your success, we work tirelessly to understand your goals, helping you sell more, retain more clients and reduce cost and risk.
We are seeking a well-rounded, technical business analyst who will be involved with analyzing and specifying new projects, as well as improving and upgrading existing solutions for the customer. The analyst will draw on a variety of problem solving abilities, technical skills and Kurtosys product knowledge, working closely with the client as well as the internal product and implementation teams to elicit requirements, gather & analyze data and design a solution to meet the business need presented by the client.


  • Establish and develop a healthy, constructive working relationship with our clients in the asset management industry.
  • Apply yourself actively across multiple projects that are in various phases of delivery, working with a team and clients that span multiple time zones (from the Americas through EMEA).
  • Analyze client data (in various formats such as CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON etc.) for validity, accuracy and completeness; Perform a gap analysis on the data to identify shortcomings or potential risks.
  • Elicit, gather, analyze and document the client’s business and user requirements through running workshops and meetings with the client; Identify the core business problem to be solved and/or value to be added by Kurtosys using business analysis tools, techniques and best practices.
  • Applying your knowledge of the Kurtosys platform and products, design a solution that fits the client’s data model and meets the client’s business & user requirements.
  • Own the business and functional requirements of the client and act as the subject matter expert to ensure synergy between what the client wants/expects and what the implementation teams delivers.
  • Work with implementation, product and QA teams to deliver the solution.
  • Own the documentation space, ensuring it is up-to-date, organized neatly in accordance with standards and contains all relevant information.
  • Work with the Design team to create user interfaces (website wireframes and components).
  • Ensure the delivered solution accurately meets the client requirements as initially identified – the business problem or value proposition.
  • Provide support to the project manager, where applicable.
  • Continuously improve and add value to the business analyst team and function by open and honest communication with the team, hosting training sessions on pre-decided topics, staying current with BA industry trends and technology and feeding this back into the team.
  • For the right candidates, there is the opportunity to assume a leadership role within the business analyst function.

Required Skills

  • Excellent communication (verbal, written and interpersonal) and presentation skills.
  • Excellence in personal organization, time and stress management.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities; Proven knowledge of fault-finding methodologies and an approach to root-cause analysis.
  • Self-motivated and highly driven to continuously learn, adapt and improve yourself and your team.
  • A good understanding of databases and Data analysis and API’s.
  • General tools such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or GoogleDocs.
  • A strong ability to perform requirements elicitation and documentation.
  • The ability to confidently push back on out-of-scope, unreasonable or irrelevant requirements and communicating / justifying your reasoning.
  • The ability to design a website solution using wire-framing tools, showcasing an understanding of web elements, components and modules.
  • An understanding of the software development life cycle and the comparative pros and cons of traditional (“Waterfall”) and Agile techniques.  

Preferred Skills

  • Experience in prototyping and wireframing using tools such as InVision.
  • A background in asset management or detailed knowledge of the industry.
  • An understanding of development tools and technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript (specifically node and react).
  • A good understanding of cloud service providers and technologies as well as future trends in this space.
  • Experience in working with database technologies such as SQL Server or MySQL as well as RESTful APIs (XML/JSON).
  • Management and documentation tools such as Jira and Confluence; Diagramming tools such as Visio, Gliffy or yEd; Experience with both Windows and Mackintosh operating systems.


  • At a minimum, a diploma / degree or equivalent qualification in Computer Science / Information Systems.
  • Diploma / certificate in Business Analysis preferred.
  • Additionally, a qualification in the Financial Services industry preferred.

About Kurtosys

Kurtosys provides an industry class digital experience platform for financial services companies. Our platform enables financial institutions to orchestrate their data across websites, documents and portals to increase sales, marketing and client servicing efficiency. The Kurtosys SaaS platform offers a range of fund marketing and investor servicing solutions including investment management websites, fund data tools, automated fund factsheets, secure investor portals and document libraries. Our infrastructure and technology are underpinned by our global ISO-27001 certification in information security management; and we have a deep understanding of working with data, industry regulations and compliance issues. Founded in 2002, Kurtosys was funded from Silicon Valley investment and now operates across four global offices and employs over 150 talented people. We work with some of the world’s largest asset management brands that include banks, wealth managers, mutual fund providers and alternative investments.

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