Site Reliability Engineer

Lalamove, Hong Kong

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Do you like when sites stay up, like all the time? Do you enjoy finding new and creative ways of surfacing poor quality code in production? Do you think that Netflix’s simian army of chaos is the best thing ever? You may well be exactly who we are looking for! We at Lalamove are now looking for a highly trained SRE who can help us prevent downtime and provide visibility for our engineers into what things may go wrong.

You’d be a part of the infrastructure team here at Lalamove and work closely with production engineers, security experts and tooling software engineers to achieve the ultimate goal of plentiful 9s. You’d also work on outreach and education within the greater engineering organisation.

What we imagine you’d be doing

  • Plan, set up and manage the monitoring infrastructure
  • Educate developers on what kinds of application level metrics could be valuable
  • Ensure we have a relevant RED dashboard for our business
  • Help out on the most challenging root cause analysis
  • Find and fix bugs deep inside the systems we are using
  • Plan and implement reliable recovery process
  • Ensure our applications are resilient to infrastructure level failures (chaos testing)

What we’re looking for

  • At least 3 - 5 years of experience
  • Humble and able educator
  • Strong programmer in systems languages (Go, C, etc)
  • Experience with different kinds of monitoring tools and can tell which ones are good for what
  • Someone who thinks an opensource-first policy makes sense

About Lalamove

About Lalamove Lalamove began life as EasyVan in December 2013. Founded by Chow Shing-Yuk, EasyVan was originally about leveraging the sharing economy and satisfying a specific logistical need - van hiring. The name EasyVan was conceived out of the desire for something catchy and easy to remember. Shortly after in July 2014, EasyVan expanded to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and numerous cities in Southeast Asia. "Lalamove" became a more appropriate name as the fleet of vehicles evolved from just vans, to motorcycles and trucks of varying sizes. In fact, "Lalamove it" has become the term synonymous with getting things delivered quickly and reliably, the Lalamove way. The Lalamove logistics platform has revolutionised van hiring call centers of old to being a process so streamlined, customers and drivers receive a match with each other within 12 seconds. Local deliveries are fulfilled at a breakneck 55 minutes, door-to-door. For drivers, Lalamove significantly optimises their fleet and route, maximising their earning potential. Lalamove applications are developed by Huolala Global Investment Limited, and are available online, Apple Appstore and Google's Play store. Find out the latest about Lalamove as a company and stay up-to-date through our blog and press releases.

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