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Lalamove, Hong Kong

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As a Product Manager Lalamove, you will work with star Engineers and Designers in a fast-paced and rapidly growing company. You will be in charge of driving product direction and strategy to ensure that it is in line with the business goals. You will also be responsible for the product road-map and define its KPIs and metrics with regards to the product features such as driver ops tools and the app.  

You will be creative and be able to demonstrate outside of the box thinking, technical dept and innovation. You will also have a customer-oriented approach and strong ability to understand your end-users through data analysis, interviews, and research. In addition, you will be required to perform market research and competitor analysis to ensure that our product dominates its competition!

What we seek:

  • Passion: passion for building cool products (bonus points if you’ve built your own mobile app or website!)
  • Leadership and strong influencer: you know how to inspire, motivate and lead a team to make decisions and get things done
  • Innovation: you are able to use your innovation and creativity to problem solve and always find solutions
  • Ability to multitask: the ability to juggle different tasks and stay organized are necessities at our company, all while making sure that features and enhancements are rolled out in a timely manner

What you'll need:

  • Experience in software and mobile development
  • Proven track record of developing and managing world-class software products
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies and sprint planning
  • Business or engineering degree preferred
  • Demonstrate ability and comfort to work closely with engineers on a daily basis
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • High-quality planning and organizational capabilities
  • Good team player, self-motivated, and strong leadership skills
  • Thrive on challenges and solving problems, all while having fun!

About Lalamove

About Lalamove Lalamove began life as EasyVan in December 2013. Founded by Chow Shing-Yuk, EasyVan was originally about leveraging the sharing economy and satisfying a specific logistical need - van hiring. The name EasyVan was conceived out of the desire for something catchy and easy to remember. Shortly after in July 2014, EasyVan expanded to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and numerous cities in Southeast Asia. "Lalamove" became a more appropriate name as the fleet of vehicles evolved from just vans, to motorcycles and trucks of varying sizes. In fact, "Lalamove it" has become the term synonymous with getting things delivered quickly and reliably, the Lalamove way. The Lalamove logistics platform has revolutionised van hiring call centers of old to being a process so streamlined, customers and drivers receive a match with each other within 12 seconds. Local deliveries are fulfilled at a breakneck 55 minutes, door-to-door. For drivers, Lalamove significantly optimises their fleet and route, maximising their earning potential. Lalamove applications are developed by Huolala Global Investment Limited, and are available online, Apple Appstore and Google's Play store. Find out the latest about Lalamove as a company and stay up-to-date through our blog and press releases.

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