Threat Researcher

Lastline, Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Redwood City, Boston, London


Duration: Full-Time

The job:
The Threat Researcher role is a high profile position responsible for identifying emerging threats and malware trends, and producing meaningful threat intelligence. You may perform novel research internally at Lastline, and collaborate with affiliated academic institutions. You will synthesize and communicate your findings to internal and external stakeholders. You will directly report to the Head of Threat Intelligence.

The team:
You will work with some of the world’s leading experts in cyber-security. Our team values excellence, continuous innovation, getting stuff done quickly, transparent communication, and a friendly work environment. You will have direct access to our reversers and network analysts as well as researchers in academia.


  • You will perform primary and novel research into cyber-security threats
  • You will develop new tools to hunt and analyze new cyber-security threats.
  • You will track emerging threats in the industry and ensure that Lastline has first opinions on these threats
  • You will discover new tools and techniques used by cybercriminals
  • You will understand which threats are going to become media main events and ensure Lastline has a proactive stance on those threats
  • You will be tracking trends-
  • External trends: Twitter/Social Media/InfoSec vendor blog posts, public data sources, custom research by collecting stats via honeypots and sinkholing
  • Internal trends: Finding and documenting 0-day threats, Mining Lastline internal databases for trending information
  • Evangelizing Lastline - You will be creating and presenting papers at major conferences


  • Internal guidance to product and engineering teams for product solutions to new and emerging threats
  • Developing of new tools to hunt and analyze new and emerging threats
  • Developing and delivering talks for all major security conferences (RSA, BlackHat, InfoSec)
  • Papers and posters for academic conferences
  • Bi-weekly Blogs for Lastline Labs
  • Impactful regular Tweets

The successful candidate will have:

  • Excellent writing skills (English)
  • Technical analytics skills
  • Proven primary research capability: competency with tools, ability to write analysis code, etc.
  • Deep security related background (3+ years commercial experience or equivalent)
  • Ability to work with multiple teams from different organizations to achieve corporate goals
  • Experience with Python and SQL, and possibly some analytics tools (R, Tableau, etc.,)
  • BScs, Masters, PhD (preferred) or equivalent  

The following skills and experience are not required but will strengthen a candidate’s position:

  • Proven public speaking and presentation skills
  • Experience with NoSQL and big data technology such as Cassandra, Spark, Elasticsearch.
Lastline, the company:
Lastline is a venture-backed cyber-security company with demonstrably the industry’s best network-based defense against targeted, evasive, and zero-day attacks. Lastline is focused on real-time analysis of advanced malware and knowing the Internet's malicious infrastructure. 

About Lastline

Lastline is revolutionizing the way companies improve network breach protection with malware detection tools that uncover malware- and browser-based attacks and malicious network activity before suffering a costly data breach. And we enable you to do this with fewer resources and at lower cost than existing malware detection tools. In 2011, Drs. Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, and Giovanni Vigna, three of the world’s most influential academic researchers in cybersecurity, founded Lastline. The company’s vision is informed by the founders’ world-renowned research on malware analysis and evasion techniques, academically-rooted rigor, innovative approaches to network breach protection, and a passion to improve enterprise cybersecurity. Lastline’s unmatched level of visibility, accuracy and effectiveness, and our focus on IT managers’ ever-increasing pressure to secure company networks and assets, has resulted in the company providing specific, actionable, context-rich threat intelligence and decreased data loss to many of the largest and most successful companies around the world.


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