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The Uncubed Take

More than 4.6 million users have registered on the LeagueApps platform.


LeagueApps has spent years developing a software solution to bring value and benefit to sports organizers and their participants.

We’re focused on building relationships with these organizations to understand how they operate and help figure out how LeagueApps can be configured to be a valuable solution.

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The Perks

Get in the Game

Competitive salary, equity grants, and great healthcare coverage are on the roster for all team members.

An Amazing Team

You’ll be working with incredibly talented and passionate people that you’ll not only respect, but really like.

Student of the Game

You’ll be working in a learning environment, where we invest in your development.

Passion for Sports.

You don’t need to sneak a look at the scores during March Madness or World Cup. We’re always streaming sports events for all to see.

Meet The Team

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Office Manager

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