Sr. Software Engineer - Platform

LeapYear, San Francisco


Duration: Full-Time

LeapYear's secure machine learning platform is deployed by some of the largest enterprises in the world across finance, healthcare, and technology.

Our technology ensures differential privacy, a widely recognized standard of data privacy that enables all data - including sensitive information - to be utilized for analytics, while providing mathematically proven privacy protection.

The LeapYear system is composed of a core set of components that allow private machine learning on data sets that can scale to petabytes. The system includes private algorithms for relational operations, statistical methods and machine learning. A data scientist accesses private data using a Python API. Administration is provided  via a web-based GUI or an API.

LeapYear's platform team builds the services that allow our product to integrate with complex enterprise environments and operate effectively on our customers’ most sensitive data.
The platform includes services for authentication, access control, logging, auditing  and support for integration of data from a variety of data sources including SQL/NoSQL Databases, HDFS and S3. Queries are processed using Spark to support to enable fast, distributed processing  of massive data sets. The services are primarily written in Haskell, with Python, Scala, and Java used as additional supporting languages.

We are looking for platform engineers that have a track record of developing enterprise-ready features for technical end users, including enterprise integrations, rigorous security, flexible deployment, and support for diverse data sources.

Recent technical challenges we've been working on
Developing a Spark-based query engine with strong typechecking. 
Achieving terabyte and petabyte scale on Spark. 
Refactoring our persistence layer. 
Using Haskell to implement enterprise-ready subsystems for authentication, permissioning, job management, and logging. 
Extending the platform to support automated daily data updates. 

For details on the specific responsibilities and requirements of this role, please see below.


  • Develop greenfield systems and scale existing services to support internet-scale deployments.
  • Own the full software development lifecycle - problem definition, design, development, testing, demoing, and supporting production use of the features you own.
  • Partner with product management to define problems and identify iterative solutions
  • Balance immediate business objectives against long-term architectural vision
  • Contribute to an engineering-wide culture of code quality and shared responsibility for testing


  • 7+ years of professional experience writing production code
  • Acquainted with and interested in functional programming (Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Erlang, Scala)
  • Track record of delivering high-quality product features on schedule


  • Experience developing for on-premise enterprise deployments
  • Professional experience with functional programming
  • Prior experience developing production-level Spark applications or machine learning platforms
  • Experience with ODBC/JDBC databases, AWS, CircleCI
  • Lifelong learners and mentors

A Few of the Perks

  • Culture of teaching and learning
  • Competitive compensation package of salary and equity
  • Catered lunch every day
  • Company outings
  • Build your ideal work station
  • Generous health insurance plan
  • Relocation support and visa sponsorship

About LeapYear

LeapYear is a platform for developing secure, intelligent systems that unlock value from sensitive information. Empower your enterprise with fully automated machine learning applications and developer APIs. With LeapYear, domain experts, data scientists, and partner organizations can leverage previously siloed and restricted data sources. Protect confidential, regulated, and proprietary data assets with mathematically proven security. Differential privacy, the highest standard of data protection, is embedded into every computation, so developers and analysts are never exposed to sensitive information.


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