Senior Product Manager

LendUp, Oakland, CA

Our mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health.

About us:

LendUp is a financial technology startup based in Oakland focused on transforming the subprime credit and lending space. We’re a Y-Combinator alum (YC W12) backed by prominent investors such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Kapor Capital.  Our product is being used in 7 states and we’ve seen great press coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN, NBC, TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Inc, Wired, Bloomberg, Fortune, and Dow Jones, amongst others.


What we’re doing:

At LendUp we are on a mission to provide anyone with a pathway to better financial health.  Millions of people don’t have access to quality credit. Their options are often limited and unfair, and it’s easy to become trapped in a debt cycle. This is the first problem LendUp set out to solve, by applying our combined expertise in software, data science, credit, and education, to our shared passion for financial health and dignity.

Our core product, the LendUp Ladder, is an alternative to payday loans that transforms a trap into an opportunity to borrow at lower rates and build credit. And every day, we see our customers succeed. We’re building additional financial products that will help us further accelerate our mission of providing anyone with a path to better financial health.


We have:

LendUp has all the things you’d expect from a mission-driven company, like a competitive salary; early stage equity; 100% company paid medical, dental and vision insurance; generous vacation/sick leave policy; catered, free lunch; kitchens fully stocked with snacks; 401(k).

But here’s what we really love about LendUp Life:

  • We’re committed to a diverse and inclusive culture that spurs innovation and creates a meaningful and impactful work environment
  • We have fun together at our bi-weekly happy hours, quarterly team building events,
  • company-sponsored volunteerism, hackathons, and sports teams, including a few fantasy sports leagues
  • One of our values is “different backgrounds, same mission.” We are passionate about diverse candidates and have slack channels dedicated to everything from philosophy to sports to hip hop

About the role:

As Senior Product Manager, you will connect with customers to understand their needs, develop a product vision & roadmap, and champion it across the company, such that it inspires the team to go to crazy lengths to make it happen. Being a perfectionist, you will work relentlessly to improve the product to create customer delight — be it conversion, new features, user-experience or anything else that matters.

You Must Have:

  • An interest in the financially underserved consumer/market segment (the 40% of the US population that does not have more than $400 in savings to cover an unexpected expense) and how software could help bring dignity and delight to borrowing and improve their overall financial health.
  • A general understanding of how lending works and the lifecycle of a loan. This includes understanding that lending is a regulated industry and thus has Compliance and Legal considerations that necessitate additional creativity and due diligence compared to unregulated industries.
  • A desire to own your domain end to end - from understanding the customer problem and definition of strategy to implementation via internal project team or 3rd party partnerships. Successful PMs at LendUp enjoy both strategic and tactical work.
  • An understanding that real impact requires both focus and prioritization and an innate desire to make decisions and monitor their effectiveness using data, including the ability to self-service with SQL.
  • Proven ability to connect with customers, identify unmet needs and come up with innovative ways of meeting them.
  • Proven ability to engage other stakeholders (e.g., operations, design, engineering, legal, compliance, 3rd party vendors) in achieving the best outcome and bringing to life your vision.
  • Proven record of executing on projects that move business or customer metrics.

You Could Have:

  • Thirst for and comfort in conversations with engineering about how the product is built at a high level.
  • At least 3+ years of product management experience developing and launching consumer-facing products.
  • Experience working in FinTech or Financial Services; Engineering, MBA degrees
  • Hands-on experience working with engineering teams in an Agile environment, building out a backlog, and managing a roadmap.


LendUp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We extend equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants and employees on an equal basis regardless of an individual's age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy status, marital status, military or veteran status, genetic disposition, or any other reason protected by law.

About LendUp

ABOUT LENDUP We believe access to quality credit is a right for everyone. Even those that banks won’t approve. Forty-seven percent of Americans could not cover a $400 emergency expense (or would have to borrow money or sell their belongings to do so). In addition, over half of the U.S. has a FICO score below 680, meaning they can’t be approved for credit by most banks according to a 2015 Federal Reserve Board study. That’s more than 150 million people who don’t have enough access to credit, leaving them unprepared to handle a car repair, hospital visit, or even an electricity bill coming due before a paycheck clears. Most options for this consumer segment aren’t linked to the formal financial sector, and the options that do exist don’t help people build the credit score necessary to open the door to more choices. So they continue to just get by — but they never get ahead. Worse, estimates from Credit Builders Alliance show that people with a low credit score will pay $250,000 more for financial services over the course of their lives. We want to fix that. We believe credit can provide peace of mind. Relief. Room to breathe. And room to grow. So our vision for our customers in eligible states is universal access to credit that expands over time — and along the way, we give them the chance to improve their credit scores, too.

Want to learn more about LendUp? Visit LendUp's website.